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NARUTO Chapter 681 Review : Kaguya's Tears

Written by FrillyPhoenix

This chapter is one of those chapters that make you scream
"I've been waiting a whole week for THAT ?!"
I wouldn't even call it a chapter honestly.
But since I am paid have to review it, I'll keep it as short as possible.

What is happening this week ?

Nothing. Like really. Nothing happens this week. It's just a chapter of Explaination-no-Jutsu that Kishi made up on the spot when he realized that nothing made sense in his story anymore.

Chapter starts with Naruto and Sasuke being thrown away after attacking Kaguya (in the previous chapter).
In the meanwhile, Naruto's clone uses that time to rescue Obito who was still pinned on the wall.

Naruto (the real one) creates a little platform for Sasuke to stand on with one of the black balls flying behind him (the same as the So6P's). But Kaguya sneaks behind them using some kind of other dimension thingy à la Kamui.

The only panels of this week that are worth being looked at : Kaguya, gorgeous as f*ck.

Naruto and Sasuke realize that and turn around to face her. She gently grabs their chins and starts crying because the two young men remind her of her own sons, as explained by Black Zetsu in the following page. She immobilizes them by "injecting" Black Zetsu in them.

Black Zetsu then proceeds to ruin the rest of the chapter tell them that he is in fact Kaguya's "child" and re-explains the whole f*cking history of shinobis to Naruto and Sasuke :
- Kaguya was sealed by her own sons
- BZ manipulated everyone in various ways in order to make his "mother"'s comeback easier
- how Madara planned his own resurrection using his Sharingan
- the shit Madara did with Hashirama's cells
- how BZ used Kabuto to discover Madara's body in order to use Obito too
And all of that sh*t for Kaguya's sake. That is one loyal kid **tears up... not**.
Next page is Kaguya saying that she hates her own sons.

Did I say "gorgeous" ? Forget about it, Kaguya is there to absorb your soul.
And now, we have the confimation that the Byakugan makes female characters look like sh*t.

But Naruto replies that they aren't the only one who created the Shinobi history, frees himself from Kaguya's grasp, and also does the same for Sasuke. He adds that a mother should be proud of her kids becoming independent. BZ informs them that anything they may try won't work, but Naruto and Sasuke plan their next attack, using that technique (of course, we aren't told which one... what a cheap cliffhanger).

My opinion on the chapter :

If you couldn't tell from the previous paragraphs, I think this chapter is utter BS. There are so many mistakes in the art that it is giving me headaches. And I really didn't want to do this review.
At this point, I'm so disappointed, I think it would have been better not to try and give shit*y explanations that sound so rushed. I'm not looking forward next week's chapter.

Overall : 0/5. And that is because I can't rate it any lower than that.

     Good thing(s) :

     Meh thing(s) :

     Bad thing(s) :
- the mistakes in the art
- the made-up explanations to justify Kaguya's existence
- the simple existence of this chapter

Thanks for reading. See ya next week.

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