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Fairy Tail Chapter 390 Review - The Story of a Boy

Written by: Shiggins

And our plot twist is revealed... but it's not as obvious as we thought it was!

After we see a page reminding us of the death of Gray's father at the hands of Deliora, we come to the big spooky scary reveal that everything person saw coming a billion miles away....Silver tells Gray the "I am your father" line from Star Wars! As Gray plays Luke Skywalker, telling Silver "that's impossible", Silver deflects any magical attacks that Gray throws at him. And then of course, Silver starts laughing his cold ass off as Gray gets more and more angry. This is when things get weird and interesting however, because Silver seems to be saying that although he is Gray's father, he is also someone else who Gray is destined to fight.

Oh dear... My Star Wars juices are flowing...
Back to the 3 vs 3 battle, it's the usual but still enjoyable combination of brutal and fast. Both sides seem evenly matched, with Natsu, Gajeel and Juvia managing to take each hit from Tempesta, Ki-su and Torafusa!, and vice versa of course. Juvia is worried that something is happening to Gray and Lucy wants to help but Natsu does his grin and is confident that Lucy can just rest right now. (I swear, I'm half-expecting Lamy to still be alive and kidnap Lucy or something.)

Not gonna lie. I could watch these teams all day.

Natsu and Gajeel also recognise the smell of Sting and Rogue, who we then go to see fighting Mard Geer. Geer starts to realise why Kyouka found it so fun to play with humans before, because of how ignorant they are and unaware of how they're going to die. Basically, he finds them utterly foolish. So yeah, add "huge arrogance" to Mard Geer's blandness.

Uh... Thanks, I guess. (Technically a compliment.)

It's time for the Erza and Minerva Show! That's right, the two are together now (with the Exceeds) and are trying to find the control room but are lost. This is when we are reunited with Happy and Pantherlily, who give the usual "hi, how are you?" pleasantries to the other Exceeds. Then Minerva sees the "mushroom" and literally rips it off, revealing that it is Franmalth who can now show them where to go.

I wonder what she means by that. *wink*

And now it's time for the biggest shocker of the week. It turns out that Silver's body is nothing more than a vessel. A vessel for a real demon of Tartaros, who just happened to find the body of Gray's father and go inside it so he can have revenge on Gray. And who is he? He is the hater of Ur and all of Ur's students! He is Gray's oldest enemy! He is....

Better than most of the shit twists M. Night Shyamalan comes up with.

So yeah, didn't expect THAT one. It turns out that after Deliora was defeated and killed during the Galuna Island Arc (not a good arc at all for me), he was ressurected in Hell's Core and upon hearing this news, Gray snaps and Ki-su tells Juvia that Gray's "story is going to end today". By the looks of things, it's suggested that Gray is going to sacrifice himself to kill Silver/Deliora.

Deliora: "When I killed your parents, I talked JUST LIKE THIS!"

*happy sigh* I love extra-long chapters of Fairy Tail. They give me so much and almost always deliver something great. We got more 3 vs 3, although it did feel a bit like filler. We got more Sting and Rogue vs Mard Geer, with Geer trying to have a personality now. We got to see Erza's gang of losers and Exceeds. And of course, the big reveal of Silver.

On one hand, that reveal was clever. We all thought it was just "I am your father" or it would be a future version of Gray or some bullshit. However, Hiro Mashima still managed to get an "oooh" out of me by surprising me with Deliora. On the other hand, does this make this experience more or less emotional for Gray? Instead of fighting his father, he's fighting his oldest enemy. I can see that going really well but at the same time, I can't help but wonder what it would have been like if Silver actually had been Gray's father but evil. (Also, this most likely means that Gray can't use Demon Slayer magic. Aww.)

One last thing I'm confused about. When did Deliora steal Gray's father's body? Somebody please tell me in the comments below!

Manga Rating: 4.5/5

Character of the Week: Silver/Deliora for his big reveal and for changing expressions for once.

Predictions: Gray and Silver are going to have a big fight but Juvia is going to abandon her fight with Ki-su to save Gray and make sure he doesn't do what Ur dead. This may actually end with Juvia giving a proper love confession instead of her usual silly stuff. Franmalth is going to absorb Minerva's body and we're going to see more creepy expressions. Mard Geer might finally start trying in his fight.

Best Part: Silver is Deliora!

Worst Part: Mard Geer's failed attempt at gaining a personality trait.

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  1. I imagine that Deliora stole Silver's corpse when he was first frozen by Ur. What probably happened was: Deliora is frozen and dies, gets revived in Hell's Core, steals Gray's dad's body, and then messes around in Tartarus for the next 14 years or so.

    1. I thought that too but then we see a panel in the chapter where Silver was in Gray's dad while he was in Hell's Core. It was like he had the option to become Gray's father before Ur froze him and he was killed. So... it makes no sense. Unless that panel was a big mistake.