Friday, June 6, 2014

NARUTO Chapter 679 Review : The beginning of everything

Written by FrillyPhoenix

Sorry for being late for this one...
This week's chapter is a new lesson of sciences brought by Kishimoto-sensei :
you can create a woman when mixing two men.
Mathematics were right all along : negative * negative = positive.

This is this chapter's best element : the opening color spread.
Kishi likes RPGs, especially Dragon Quest. I guess this is his way to share it with his readers.

What's happening in this week's chapter ?

In the first pages, we see Madara getting (literally) owned by Black Zetsu, causing his Limbo clones to disappear. The chakra of the people caught in the Infinite Tsukuyomi is drawn to Madara (in order to create the transformation into Kaguya, I guess) and this chakra causes Team 7 to be repelled due to its density.

Naruto and Sasuke try to use this chance to stop Madara, and Sakura realizes that Sasuke now has the ability to teleport. But Naruto and Sasuke get caught, leading Sakura to try and save them only to be stopped immediatly by Kakashi, since she doesn't have a clear strategy to help them.

Moar tentacle porn this week.

Naruto then worries about the people caught in the Infinite Tsukuyomi dying if all their chakra is sucked up, but Black Zetsu "reassures" him that it is not what is going to happen : they're going to become soldiers for Kaguya's army (meaning that they'll get transformed into White Zetsus).

Madara keeps on receiving people's chakra, making Sasuke think that he's going to explode but he doesn't and eventually shrinks down to his new form : Kaguya.
When she realizes that she's still holding Naruto and Sasuke with her hair, she violently throws them away.

Then, we have very interesting panels (that I didn't notice at my first reading of the chapter). Sakura worries for Sasuke and Naruto being hurt, but right at that moment, Kaguya passes by her, causing Sakura to shiver. Kakashi knows the two boys are fine, but he almost prays to himself that Sakura doesn't do anything rash while Kaguya is next to her. Which leads me to think that Sakura is definitely going to do something related to Kaguya.

Kaguya activates her Byakugan and realizes that Naruto and Sasuke have inherited of her grandsons' chakra (that seems to be stored in the little symbols/seals on the palms of their hands).
Sakura sees that her boys are fine, but she's totally lost as for why did Madara turn into that woman and about her identity.

Kaguya : "Sooo... this is the hand they use to fap... I seee..."

Kakashi tries to inquire about Kaguya's goal, but she ignores him and instead, speaks to Naruto and Sasuke, asking them to stop the fight because she doesn't want to damage the place even more.
But we quickly realize that she didn't mean it in a peaceful way : she transforms the ground into what seems to be lava ! Meaning that our protagonists will be in big trouble next week.

My opinion on the chapter :

     Overall, I found it poorly executed. I don't buy the Madara-transforming-into-a-woman thing. I would have if, for instance, Black Zetsu had used Madara's cells mixed to his own to "create" Kaguya. But no Kishi, no matter how much you like yaoi, two men mixed don't result into a woman.
     The interesting thing though, is AAAALL the build-up Sakura has been getting in the previous chapters and also in this one. Honestly, if Kishi doesn't use that right, I'm gonna call BS. But I still find it annoying how Sakura keeps wondering about stuff every week (because we, as readers, know about it, but not her). Someone just fill her up already !
     But it still doesn't explain what role is Kakashi going to have, when (if ?) his three students get power-ups. Maybe he'll just stay by Obito's side, giving them instructions while they fight ? I dunno... guess I'll have my answer in the coming chapters.

Overall : I give this chapter a 2/5.

     Good thing(s) :
+ the color spread
+ the build-up Sakura is getting

     Meh thing(s) :
• Sakura not understanding shit about what's going on
• Naruto and Sasuke not being extremely useful this time

     Bad thing(s) :
- man * man =/= woman

Thanks for reading, see ya next week !

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  1. Hello! Thank you for you are well written reviews ^^ I enjoy them a lot, and I feel better knowing that at least someone understands my current frustration with the manga....
    Sakura is one of my favorite characters in Naruto, and I agree with you, up until now no one has bothered to tell her anything....(starting from the truth about the Uchiha massacre maybe? I am still bothered by the fact that nearly everyone in Team Kakashi knows BUT her....but I digress)
    Yeah maybe she will be able to do something about Kagura aside from acting like a simple bystander who knows ^^
    Yeah..Naruto and Sasuke are not that useful....despite what the latter seems to think

    1. Aw, thank you very much !
      Indeed, it's a shame that nobody ever lets Sakura know about the new tings that happen, she's always the last one to know about everything... today's chapter was a bit different, as Naruto's clone finally explained things, but it's only because Obito asked, Sakura just happened to be there...
      Hopefully, she and Kakashi will get a good role, something worth remembering in that last battle.
      And it is true that Naruto and Sasuke aren't doing great ATM... I simply hope that Sasuke will become more humble later.