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Magi Chapter 230 Review

Written by: Micha

What in god’s green erf just happened? I knew Magi is fucked up, but…

Okay, before I ramble, let’s start with the review.  This chapter starts with where they left off in the previous one. Solomon and the rest of Resistance arrives to their Base to discover that David had fucked them front, back and center. He had burned the whole place to the ground, resulting in many casualties that include Setta and Tess.  

Although the scene was devastating, Solomon kept his composure and ordered everyone to go hunt David in the Cathedral District since they had more of their troops in there. This, by the way, is the first ever intelligent decision Solomon has taken during this short war, considering his last strategy got him shitty results.

In the midst of war and chaos, Solomon finds a brain.

Next we see David start to attack the Resistance troops in the Cathedral District. Before David could do much, Solomon charges forward and attacks him, creating a war of staves as other magicians follow suit. Solomon, seemingly furious with David, asks why he had to kill everyone in the District, to which David gives the most cruel reason of all: he wanted to sacrifice them for Ill Illah

"Do I look like I give a shit? Look at my face. Just look at it."
 David then goes on to elaborate how he killed Setta, in all its gorey, excruciating detail, which I very much enjoyed. I’m not entirely certain if David really did what he said he did because I suspect he was trying to provoke Solomon. Bottom line, Solomon got really pissed and attacked David with Incendiary Light Flash, and David countered his magic with Puppeteer’s Entombment Dance. Which are just fancy terms for some laser beam shot from their staves created from their respective elements.

I am so wet.

David brings out his Divine Staff holders, claiming how sinful it was for the Resistance to form alliances with the “impure species” therefore, the whole of Resistance will be sacrificed in the name of God. Solomon, however, is a flaming liberal and says that he doesn’t need such a god.

How is David always so calm?

This is where the chapter takes an unexpected turn, as Solomon, David and the rest of the Divine Staff holders fire at each other. The Divine Staves reached their limit, and were about to self-destruct, which would mean that they were gonna sacrifice themselves and take everyone else with them.

Solomon, of course, wouldn’t have it, and tried to push others in to a safe range, only to be stopped by David and his minions as they sucked him in. Solomon decided that it was the end for David and himself, and wondered why he had to have someone like David as a father.

David replies it was “destiny”. People’s death, their irrational happiness, and misfortune, they were just the flow of destiny. David is a strong believer of predetermined fate, and he says that Solomon, too, will understand it one day.

So, so deep.

Solomon asks mockingly that if it was God who determined their fates, and if David had the power of foresight. David contemplates for a moment before replying to him that after all of that, he was going to become part of Him. And it had taken a very long time to happen so.

Solomon was taken aback by this declaration, but more shocked when David bid farewell calling him his "beloved" son. David then creepily embraces him before giving Solomon his final words and a gift. David advises Solomon that one could never look in to Destiny. And if they do, they will become hopeless, just like himself, however, there might come a day when humans will be able to oppose Destiny and be happy. And David wishes to witness that happen. And for that purpose, David entrusts Solomon with his staff, saying that it was “the key”

This is exactly how ships are born.
My thoughts:

Is it just me or did this chapter feel like a plot taken from one of the Adventure Time's episodes. Either way, I'm not complaining. This chapter has to be one of the best chapters we've seen in a while, since the action and verbal interaction between characters seem very much balanced. Also, they killed the black guy first. No surprise in there.  And from the looks of it, they don't care much about him.

And for all whiners who can't stand this long flashback arc, we have finally reached a climax, and I predict we'll be back to Aladdin and everyone else in a couple of week's time. What we saw in this chapter was David's death that he so popularized in his prophetic book. For me, it really is unfair that we have to say goodbye to such a good character so soon. And I know I treat Solomon a little harsh in my reviews, but honest to god, if I had the choice of keeping Solomon or David in the manga for a longer period of time, I'd choose David.

For me, Solomon is just a pretty face with a silver spoon in his mouth, because without Ugo's researches and David's blood, he wouldn't amount to much as we saw in this war how David cunningly managed to trick him. David is more developed, and has the potential to contribute in the future than Solomon. David should be the one to live!

This, of course, is just my biased opinion, and as for David's Staff, I think it would be used to create the new world. 

Manga chapter rating:
David's death should've been more glorious.


"My beloved child." Oh, my hollow dead heart...

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  1. How can you "be wet" at the thought of Setta's horrible, painful death? I thought you loved him? DIDN'T YOU LOVE POOR SETTA???!!! SSSEEETTTAAA!!! *breaks down crying*

    1. Oh yeah, I do love Setta. I just love it a little bit more when people are skinned alive.