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Bleach 586 Review - "The Headless Star 5"

Bleach 586 Review - "The Headless Star 5"
Written by: ClayDragon

Looks like the band's all back together again.

As the six Soul Reapers prepare to battle the remaining Sternritter, Bazz-B counts them and asks Commissioner Quincy if any of them are part of the special war potentials. Upon realising that they aren't, he declares that he hasn't got time to mess around and pulls out his bow and arrow.

Bazz-B's counting lessons were going well.

Before he can attack, Ikkaku attempts to strike from above, but Bazz-B dodges at the last second.As he tried to counterattack, his bow is frozen by Rukia, who reiterates their determination to stop them. As he breaks the ice off of his arm, Bazz-B is approached by Liltotto, who reminds him that Ichigo is escaping. 

"Never mind the fact that you tried to kill me five minutes ago, I'm totally over it now."

They come to the conclusion that they should use their Vollständig to quickly finish off the Soul Reapers, and all of them (except for Giselle) rush towards their opponents. 

In all honesty, did this really need to take up an entire page?

Meanwhile, Ichigo is still flying towards the column of light, and shouts out Yhwach's name as he draws closer. When Haschwalth steps forward to deal with Ichigo, he's stopped by Uryu, who intends to attack Ichigo himself. Uryu then fires an arrow at Ichigo, who manages to knock it away with his Zanpakuto.

I really wish I knew where his loyalties lie so I can know whether or not I should hate him.

As he looks up to see who attacked him, he notices Uryu's face and goes into shock. As he asks why Uryu is with the Vandenreich, he is told by him to leave, as Uryu believes that Ichigo doesn't have the power to stop Yhwach. 

God, it's like kicking a puppy.

Predictably, Ichigo doesn't move and continues to ask what Uryu is doing. At this point, Uryu tells him to leave before he throws his life away, and fires a barrage of arrows at Ichigo. Before they can hit their target, three shapes fly in from the side and create a triangular shield, protecting Ichigo from harm.

"...Oh, fiddlesticks."

Uryu looks behind him to see Chad and Orihime emerge from the Garganta, with Orihime having used her shield to save Ichigo. Before anything else can happen, Yhwach tells Uryu that it's time for them to leave, and asks if he has said his goodbyes. With that, the three Quincies disappear in a flash of light as Ichigo calls after Uryu.

Hooray! Sexy new outfits! 

To be honest, I'm not sure what to make of this chapter. There were a number of good moments (which I'll get to in a minute), but there was also some padding, and some things that don't seem to make sense.

"Can I at least talk to them on Facebook?"

For example, if Uryu is in fact a double agent, why didn't he attack Yhwach and Haschwalth as soon as Orihime and Chad showed up? They would have outnumbered them 4 to 2, and they would have had Orihime's shield and healing abilities. The only conclusion I can come to is that Uryu has a plan of his own that Ichigo might unknowingly screw up.

"You still have my Naruto DVD!"

On the other side of things, I enjoyed the confrontation between the Soul Reapers and the Sternritters, as it seems as if there's not going to be any time wasted during the upcoming battles. Then again, I don't want these fights to be too short, as it would just seem anticlimactic.

Looks like Mask De Masculine's attacks gave Ikkaku a little bit of brain damage.

The return of Orihime and Chad was a big plus, as this also means the possible return of other characters, such as Apache, Mila Rose, and Sung-Sun, as well as Gantenbainne Mosqueda (not likely, but possible), Loly, Menoly, and last but not least, Grimmjow (please please please please please).

Anyone remember this guy? Nope, me neither.

Good Things:         The start of a huge brawl between Soul Reapers and Sternritters.

                                   Ichigo's meeting with Uryu.
                                   The return of Chad and Orihime.

Bad Things:            No real action.

                                   Pacing issues. 

Manga Rating:        3/5

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