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NARUTO Chapter 682 : I'm sure you've never seen this

Written by FrillyPhoenix

Just when I thought that NARUTO had reached the bottom,
Kishimoto proves me wrong again : it can go much lower than that.
At least, this week I both facepalmed AND smiled, which wasn't the case last week.
We're making progress !

I can't even come up with a witty line to comment that mess, so many things are wrong *sigh*...

What is happening in this chapter ?

This chapter starts with the two protagonists facing Kaguya and her "son". Naruto tells Sasuke about the technique he intends to use.

In the distance, we have Naruto's clone still holding Kakashi, Sakura and the unconscious Obito. It seems that Sakura is the only one able to see what is going on during the fight, so her role is to let Kakashi know about their every move. Kakashi, on the other hand, is the one who analyzes Kaguya's powers. He thinks that she is on God's level.

Naruto just finished to explain his strategy to Sasuke and even though he is surprised, he chooses to go along with it (which is out of character for him, especially when you know WHAT kind of technique Naruto is going to use).
Sasuke uses Amaterasu on Kaguya to distract her while Naruto gets closer to her and creates several Kage Bushin that are then turned into... Sexy Reverse Harem no Jutsu. On Kaguya Ootsutsuki. The Goddess of Shinobis *whimper*.

With panels like these, you'd expect Team 7 action... meaning the THREE of them. But nope. FUCK YOU KISHI !

As expected, Kaguya is slightly surprised because she stops, allowing Naruto to land a hit on her, but the only one who's really affected by the jutsu is Sakura... who also thinks it is stupid to try that technique on someone that strong.
Kakashi gets a short flashback of Jiraya, hoping that he is watching his student, the most unpredictible shinobi.

Sasuke and Naruto try to attack Kaguya at the same time, but they are stopped before they manage to reach her. Using her Rinnegan, Kaguya immobilizes them in a big block of ice.
The dimension has changed too, they aren't in a lava world anymore but in a cold, snowy one.
Since she trapped herself too when creating the big ice block to prevent Naruto and Sasuke from attacking her, Kaguya escapes it by using her Kamui-like jutsu.

We then have a full page that shows the place totally frozen. We get to see the castle has was shown on the volcano when Kaguya created the lava world. I had my suspicions about Kishi being influenced by new movies, when Kaguya was created at the same time as Ghibli's new movie was announced, The Tale of Princess Kaguya. Now, I'm SURE Kishimoto is influenced by the new movies.

If only he could keep it subtle...

We then have a page showing the incomprehension of Kakashi, Sakura and Naruto's clone now that the dimension has changed.
Sasuke uses Amaterasu on his arm to melt the ice and Kagutsuchi to destroy Kaguya's ice block and free himself and Naruto. Since Naruto's idea didn't work, Sasuke decides to be in charge of their next attack.

Unfortunately for him, Black Zetsu has an idea too in order for Kaguya to beat them : dealing with them separately. Kaguya uses her Kamui-like technique behind Sasuke, grabs his collar and isolates him in a new, different dimension. Sasuke is now alone in a desert...

My opinion on the chapter :

I don't know if it is because he realized how bad last week's chapter was, but Kishimoto tried to use the humor factor this time... and I don't know for you, but it didn't work on me. The only reason why I smiled after reading this chapter is because I realized how BAD this chapter is. So bad it's almost funny. Almost.
Now, some people in the fandom (including myself) had jokingly mentionned the fact that Sexy Jutsu would be the key in defeating the final boss of the manga but I don't think anyone seriously believed in that. Now, I'm not against the idea but it is so poorly executed that it is not even funny. To me at least.
Once again, I am disappointed.

Overall : This chapter gets another 0/5. I wanted to give it at least a 0.5/5. I really wanted to. But I can't lie to myself, there's nothing good in this chapter.

     Good thing(s) :

     Meh thing(s) :

     Bad thing(s) :
- Naruto's jawline
- the pitiful attempt of humoristic fanservice that really looks desperate to me
- the poor use of Kakashi and Sakura is starting to SLIGHTLY get on my nerves

That's it, thanks for reading. See ya next week.

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