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Magi Chapter 228 Review

Written by: Micha

The war has finally begun, and this chapter has a few interesting twists that I can’t wait talk about. But first, let’s start with the chapter. Setta, the ravishing dude with the glasses, is in charge of guarding the base of Resistance, where all woman, children, and paramedics are residing.

He sees Tess crying in a corner, overwhelmed with guilt for telling his parents to go and die for all he cares. He said it out of rage, and obviously didn’t mean any of it. Setta reassures him that his parents weren’t going to die, and neither would Ithnan. Which makes me believe that Setta spends a good amount of time in terms of Ithnan, and worrying about him, especially now since Ithnan and the rest of the magicians were off to fight David and the Orthodox.

This little piece of shit doesn't deserve to be touched by the holy hands of Setta.
 Next we see all the people at the base praying to god to keep their loved ones safe. This might make some people go “what the fuck” but remember that this manga is based in Arab, and this sort of thing is completely normal, and somewhat cultural. Also, it certainly gives a war feel which is perfect for this situation.

And then, someone from base, someone unimportant, chimed that they had nothing to worry about since Lord Setta, a magician with a Divine Staff, was protecting the base. As if on cue, the base was attacked from above, shocking everyone in the district.

I cropped this picture only to show you how beautiful Setta is.
 On the other side, we see that the magicians celebrating after they had successfully managed to create the Isolation Barrier around the Cathedral, consequently weakening the magicians inside it. Solomon’s battle strategy was going according to plan. The capital had fallen and victory seemed near, but you know shit is about to get down when you taste victory too soon. Elder Council and David with their 12 Divine Staves were yet to be defeated.

Who else like these pretty buildings?

Upon being asked by Sheba if he was okay, Solomon speaks that he had long since prepared himself to battle with his father for the sake of the species and peace in Alma Torran. They finally get inside with their staves, ready to battle Elder David, and this is where shit turns very, very dark.

We see someone plunge in their spear into David’s mouth, all the way through his nape, at which point I was curling my toes at the image.

I'm so turned on.
 As it turns out, it was Arba, the third wheel of Solomon’s threesome team, who as if on instinct, stabbed David in the mouth. Everyone watched in shock and slight horror as they witness Arba’s neurotic action. Sheba then remembers Arba saying in the past that she was a magician created by David 100 years ago, thus must’ve had a difficult relationship with him. I’m not sure if that makes Solomon and Arba some sort of surrogate siblings, but it doesn’t matter anyway.

The bodies of David and the other people suddenly turns in to dolls, and we see a huge screen being displayed in front of Solomon and everyone. It all becomes obvious that they have indeed not taken down David, as they get front row seats to watch their base, where Setta and everyone were, being destroyed in to pieces.

I've always wanted to step on one these, I'm not sure why.

David had tricked them in to believing that they had the upper hand, while he and his fellow councilors attack their base. Solomon and the magicians were hurrying to get out and save the Base, however, they were unable to do so as David had created some sort of barrier. They had fallen in to David’s trap.

Well, fuck.

My thoughts:

Holy shit, did you see that? If this chapter doesn’t make you fall in love with David and Magi, then I don’t know what does. David has outsmarted Solomon, but I have a theory (as usual) about how he did it.

Aside from Solomon’s stupidity, I believe Arba is the mole. Yes, you heard that right. If you’ve seen her expression as she killed the pseudo-David, it’s almost as if she has fallen in to depravity. She clearly seems to have enjoyed killing the makeshift David, and you can see the excitement in her eyes. She’s gone dark.

However, things with her looks very fishy, and I believe that Arba and David are allies. Or more accurately, Arba serves under David as he created her 100 years ago, to look after Solomon. Arba teaches him how to fight, and takes care of him under David’s command. And if you remember, it was Arba who suggested Sheba to marry Solomon as if she sees them together in the future. But she doesn’t, David does. David has been manipulating what happens in Solomon’s life, as if he were a puppeteer.

And also, I believe that it was Arba who told David of Solomon’s battle strategy, enabling him to outsmart Solomon and trap him in the Cathedral. This is very likely, and I’m going to stick to this theory until I’m proven wrong.  

Also, anybody else notice how the names of Solomon’s friends are numbers? Like Wahid means one in Arabic, Ithnan means two, Arba meand four, and Setta means Six. Where the fuck are three and five?

Manga chapter rating:
Well deserved. Don't argue with me on this.


Setta and Tess seemed to have hit the expiry date. Also, we might see some of David's moves, which I can't wait to see.


More porn for me.
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