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Kuroshitsuji Chapter 94 Review - That Butler, Enraged

As you can tell by the title, Sebastian isn't happy this week. I am though.

So today, we start off with meeting the weirdo in the blindfold who also known as the Queen's footman who is also known as John Brown. After a suggestion that John Brown walked to Germany rather than let his horse have to carry him, he tries to go to Ciel to deliver the letter but unfortunately, he's unable to do so since Ciel is ill. Since this is an urgent letter, John Brown has no choice but to give it to Sebastian, who gives a very surprised reaction to it. And with that, John Brown leaves.

I wonder if that counts as breaking the 4th wall.
We then get another brief scene with the witch and her butler, which is a shame because I dislike such brief scenes. I want to see them so much more, damn it! Anyway, Wolfram walks in to see Sullivan reading a book called "The Family's Physician", but that's forgotten about really quickly when Sullivan asks again if she can say goodbye to Ciel's group of "outsiders". Wolfram denies her this because the forest is dangerous and they can't afford to lose her. This upsets Sullivan to tears who wants to see the outside world for at least a minute, but Wolfram has no choice but to deny her what she wants. This is when Sullivan tries to follow him herself but due to her feet being tied up she falls over. As Wolfram holds her and starts to cry, Sullivan comforts him and tells him that she's not going anywhere and will "protect them all".

*gasp* Kawaii!

This is when we go to Ciel who has just woken up, and Finny about to see what's going on outside the room. He opens the door to see a surprisingly dark Sebastian, who enters and asks Finny to leave for a while. As Ciel begs Sebastian to go away, Sebastian tells Finny he has something important to discuss. However, we get quite a surprise when Finny blocks Sebastian's path and tells Sebastian that Ciel is still ill. Sebastian literally grabs Finny in response and drags him out the room, which surprises Finny because Finny used his full strength to try to stop him and failed. (If you've forgotten, Finny has super strength due to being part of an experiment before he met Ciel.)

"Hug me, brotha!"

And then we get the big surprise of this week. Ciel is hiding underneath the blankets and Sebastian tells Ciel that a letter from the Queen was given to him. He also tells Ciel they have to leave tomorrow. When Sebastian tells Ciel that he needs to get out of bed, Ciel says no and this is when things get scary and we see Sebastian's calm rage. Since it seems like Ciel won't be doing the job of the Queen's watchdog anymore, Sebastian starts to go all black-fire-demon-ish and reveals that Ciel is going against the contract. Ciel has given up on his revenge, and black flames (or ink or just shadows or something else) grab Ciel. Sebastian shows his disappointment in such an ending for Ciel, as the darkness takes over the page and Sebastian seems to be taking Ciel's soul.

Well, I'm getting no sleep tonight!

Honestly, I wish this chapter was as big as last month's. That cliffhanger was intense! It was another great chapter and this arc is easily growing into one of the best arcs of Black Butler history. The idea of Ciel losing his soul right now seems very unlikely, so perhaps Sebastian is just using a very psychologically-scarring scare tactic to get Ciel up. I hope so because this arc needs Ciel back and running the show. Sullivan's scene was good too and I'm excited for the scene where she finally takes off those shoes and runs forward into the outside world. (To become Ciel's doctor perhaps?).

On a side note, I have low expectations for John Brown. I have a feeling the next time we see him, he may also be one of the werewolves. And I'm not sure how this arc will end, but I do keep thinking on how the Circus Arc of Black Butler ended... Maybe history will repeat itself.

Manga Rating: 4/5

Character of the Week: Sebastian for his scary demon form and that cliffhanger.

Best Part: Sebastian starts to take Ciel's soul.

Worst Part: We didn't find out what the letter said.

John Brown is a werewolf now. Ciel will wake up and order Sebastian to stop because he's going to go back to getting his revenge, which starts with him making sure he doesn't leave Germany just yet. More Sullivan goodness. Wolfram is a werewolf too, I'm sure.

I feel... dirty looking at that picture.

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