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NARUTO Chapter 680 Review : Once Again

Written by FrillyPhoenix

This week, Kishi decided to take yet another shit on SasuSaku,
in case you didn't get it from the previous chapters that the ship has sunk.
Oh and more biblical references... You never get enough of those.

What's happening in this chapter ?

Last week, the chapter ended at the part where everyone was going to fall into the lava summoned by Kaguya. So this chapter begins with that.
Kakashi has the time to analyze the situation quickly and understands it is no Genjutsu, the lava is real.
Sasuke summons his hawk and grabs Naruto, who tries to get him to save their other team mates instead.

But Kakashi, as quick and efficient as ever, (somehow) manages to save Sakura and himself without their help. He uses a scroll and a kunai to do so, and he even saves Obito's unconscious body (his hand gets crucified → Obito in Jesus mode). Kakashi does feel sorry for Obito about that, but desperate times calls for desperate measures.

I bet you weren't expecting to become Jesus literally when you were playing the messiahs, Obito.

The next panels are symbolically interesting : we see Sakura's forehead protector falling into the lava. This forehead protector has the Shinobi Alliance symbol on it... Either it has some deep meaning about the situation the SA is in right now, or Kishi was tired to have to draw it in every chapter and got rid of it.
Thanks to that, Kakashi gets the confirmation that the lava is not a Genjutsu and wonders if Kaguya has summoned a lava dimension.

Then comes the "Sasuke Asshole Corner"-part of the chapter (he seems to get this every week now), during which he tells Naruto, loudly enough so Sakura and Kakashi can hear, that these two aren't needed and that the only reasons why they're not under the Infinite Tsukuyomi is because they happened to be next to Naruto when it was casted. He also makes sure to make Naruto understand how needed he is in order to solve the crisis, and that neither of them can afford to die, otherwise the humanity is doomed.

Naruto understands what Sasuke means, and gets a flashback about their fight against Haku, when Sasuke protected Naruto against Haku's needles. Naruto reminds Sasuke of his own words : "my body just moves on its own" (when his friends are in danger).
Sakura sheds some tears (she is aware that Sasuke is right) and thanks Naruto for his kindness.

Just at that moment, Kakashi's scroll begins to burn (due to the heat) and eventually rips, making Kakashi and Sakura almost fall in the lava. Naruto uses an arm made of chakra to reach and save them. But Kaguya uses that moment to attack Sasuke's hawk with hair needles and touch its vital points thanks to her Byakugan technique (Sasuke receives one too in his arm). He decides to use Susano'o again.

Can we make this the official "we're in deep shit"-face ?

♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦

We go back to the Edo Tensei Hokages who had been spared by the Infinite Tsukuyomi a few chapters ago. Madara's black rods are vanishing, allowing Hashirama to be able to move again. He, Tobirama and Sarutobi decide to rush in the direction of the huge chakra (Kaguya's) they're sensing.
They're confused as for why they can't sense Madara's chakra anymore.
Minato too, feels that Madara's chakra has disappeared and tries to go to his son's side, but seems to be stuggling due to his current situation.
Here again, we get some symbolism : he isn't wearing his Hokage jacket, it lies next to him. I personally interpret it as Minato being "reduced" to being a simple shinobi, he isn't as powerful as he once was (does that mean that he's going to be "useless" like the other fodder shinobis ?).

♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦

Back to Team 7, we discover Naruto's new asspull : he can now float in the air (thanks to the Rikudou's chakra, like Madara, as Kakashi says). So he manages to grab everyone with chakra arms : Sakura and Kakashi, Sasuke in his Susano'o, and even Sasuke's hawk (that my Naruto ! he doesn't forget the animals !).
Naruto creates a Kage Bushin and asks him to take care of Sakura and Kakashi, while Sasuke pulls the needle off his arm.

Kaguya watches the scene : Naruto reminds her of Hagoromo, and she declares that all the chakra is only hers and that she's going to "blend all chakra into one, once again". She attacks Naruto with great strength and he defends himself, creating a shock wave. Next we get a panel of a huge volcano (WTF ?).
The shock wave gets bigger, rejecting Naruto back, but we realize it was part of Naruto's strategy, because Sasuke chooses that moment to attack Kaguya from above with his Susano'o. The chapter ends there.

Next time you feel stupid about something, take the time to remember that someone in this manga
thought it was actually a good idea to build their castle/house so close to the peak of a volcano. 

My opinion on the chapter :

I think the first part of the chapter is quite coherent, but something must have happened, 'cause the second part of the chapter is reaaally fucked up. I dunno, that's the feeling I had after reading it.
I really, REALLY hope that Kishi doesn't intend to use the Hokages again. They've had their time to shine during this war, just focus on goddamn Team 7 only, Kishi ! The only useful thing the Hokages could do without interfering with the main action would be to free the people from the Infinite Tsukuomi...
TBH, I'm not really impatient for next week's chapter.

Overall : 2/5.

     Good thing(s) :
+ first part of the chapter is coherent

     Meh thing(s) :
• Sakura still getting affected by Sasuke's remarks
• the Hokages possible intervention

    Bad thing(s) :
- second part of the chapter is totally incoherent

Thanks for reading, see ya next week, hopefully for a more exciting chapter.

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  1. Hello again (I am the same person who posted a comment on the previous review ^^)! Thank you for your review, which made me laugh again (especially that part about the castle XD) ^^

    Anyway, yup I agree with what you said, the symbolism behind Sakura's forehead protector (subtlety has never been Kishimoto's forte I am afraid...) is no good news for the shinobi Alliance, but then again who cares since,you know, only two people are supposed to win this war. That piss me off to no end, because the way the author puts it, I sometimes think that LOTS of death would have been prevented if Naruto and his so called BFF forever (you know those are in such a poisonous friendship kind of thing, that it scares me sometimes when Naruto is coming back for more...but I digress) had been there earlier...but maybe I am nitpicking here...
    This is something that always bugged me as well, because according to the prophecy, wasn't Naruto supposed to save the world? As in alone? Isn't that what everyone has been nagging about for years? SO why is Sasuke playing such a big role in the "climax" ? AHHH I think I am digressing again sorry!

    Anyway, the chapter was OK, Sasuke weekly douchebaggery not withstanding (I mean REALLY? Insulting BOTH your ex teammates was not enough? You had to throw them Under a bus too?), and also...I was pretty pissed at Sakura actually THANKING Naruto know accepting to sacrifice a TINY bit of his HUMOUNGOUS amount of chakra to protect them, I mean really? Isn't he suppose to be you friend ? But I suppose she was just glad he didn't agree with King jerkass...

    I agree the Hokges have done their job, they shouldn't need to be used again, especialy Minato who...well ok I am being unbiased here so I won't start on him ^^

    Hmm...the volcano scene was kind of...random and...irrelevant maybe?

    As for Kaguya...well she's seriously starting to get on my nerves, I mean, just her being there is already a BIG asspull in itself, which in my view will only have a purpose when the time comes to finally forgive Sasuke and the Uchihas for their douchebaggery (because we ALL know it's gonna happen)...
    I don't know, Madara being the man behind Obito, who was alreayd the man behind Nagato, who was alredy the ma behind Pain... was already enough but NOOO you had to have someone monitoring the man behind the man behind the mn behind the...well you catch my drift ^^"

    Anyway I am going to stop ranting now! Thank you for your reviews! And I will try to comment on the others as soon as I can!