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Bleach 587 Review – “The Headless Star 6”

Bleach 587 Review – “The Headless Star 6”

Written by: ClayDragon

And hilarity ensued.

Seeing that Uryu is preparing to leave with Yhwach and Haschwalth, Ichigo screams at him to explain what’s going on, but the three Quincies depart without saying a word. Ichigo flies after them in order to confront them, but is stopped by Orihime when Yhwach creates a massive shockwave. Thankfully, Chad and Orihime reach Ichigo in time, and Orihime creates a shield to protect them from harm.


As rain begins to fall on her shield, Orihime notices Ichigo’s depressed mood, but before she can say anything Chad steps in to break Ichigo out of his slump by…picking him up and throwing him into a building. Surprisingly, this works, as Chad points out that he and Orihime were just as surprised to see Uryu on the side of the Vandenreich, but he must have a good reason for it.

Don't start shouting 'Kurosaki-kun' again. We had more than enough of that at Las Noches.

Furthermore, if Uryu does have a good reason, then it means that Ichigo, Chad and Orihime will have a hard time convincing him to come back, so they should at least go after him and get him to explain himself. This brings Ichigo back from his depression, and he resolves to beat Uryu up and drag him back if necessary.

"I will bring Sasuke back to the village! Oops, wrong series."

Just as Orihime celebrates the fact that they have a plan, Urahara appears and notes that he was a little late in arriving on the scene. He then asks Ichigo if he should arrange for the four of them to travel to the Spirit King’s Palace, and Ichigo agrees. Meanwhile, Renji uses his Bankai to lift a chunk of rubble off of him and Rukia, who were separated from the others when Yhwach created the huge shockwave.

How can you possibly be so late? You've been here longer than Rukia and Renji, for crying out loud!

Rukia notes that she didn’t imagine the fact that Uryu joined the enemy, but before she can say more she’s interrupted by Bazz-B, who offers them the opportunity to team up and take down Uryu together. Not too keen on the idea, Renji throws some more rubble at him and says that they’re more than capable of taking on Uryu without having to team up with Bazz-B, and goes on to call him a rooster.

In Bazz-B's defense, it is one glorious mohawk.

This small insult really sets off Bazz-B’s temper, as apparently any insult against his hair is a grievous offence. As he compliments Renji’s eyebrows, he activates his Burner Finger 4, and a huge sword made out of flames manifests around his hand. At this point, the entire surrounding area is engulfed in flames. At the same time, the entrance to the Spirit King’s Palace begins to break down as Yhwach, Haschwalth and Uryu arrive.

"...Knock knock, bitches."

Thankfully, it looks like the slow pacing of some of the more recent chapters has been left behind, as we’re able to see the start of some interesting fights whilst the plot progresses at a decent rate. This chapter wasn’t clogged up with reaction shots, and the few ones that were there were funny enough to be forgiven.

"There's a certain sport I excel at..."

After some thought, I’m a bit confused as to how Yhwach and his subordinates actually made it to the Spirit King’s Palace. Firstly, the barrier was only opened because Ichigo travelled through it whilst wearing clothes given to him by Squad Zero. However, didn’t Rukia and Renji also travel to the Soul Society via the same method? Given that the barrier will only remain open for roughly an hour and a half, it should have closed long before now if Rukia and Renji used the same method as Ichigo, and if they didn’t, then why not?

"...Competitive Bitch Toss!"

Also, I really don’t think that Squad Zero would be dumb enough to have such a gaping hole in their defences without having some sort of backup security measures. I mean, their whole job is to look after the Spirit King; I don’t think they’d be satisfied with one faulty barrier (or 72 of them). On the other hand, the combined power of Squad Zero is greater than that of the entire 13 Court Guard Squads, so maybe Yhwach will still have his work cut out for him.

An hour? They'll all be dead by then!

Changing the subject a bit, I am hereby declaring next week to be Bleach Week. Ideally, this event would be in celebration of one of Bleach’s milestones, but since every important Bleach anniversary occurs when I’ll be working, we’re just going to have to do it now. So starting next Monday, I’ll be posting a Bleach-related article every day for five days. This way, I get something to do, and you get more Bleach goodness. Everybody wins!

It's like Shark Week, but with one crucial difference.

Good Things:       Orihime and Rukia-related hilarity.

     Urahara is teaming up with the heroes again.

     The entire exchange between Renji and Bazz-B.

     An interesting cliffhanger.

Bad Things:         Not a lot of action.

Manga Rating:   4/5

Jesus, Orihime. You're about one sneeze away from a wardrobe malfunction.

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  1. Nice review! ;)

    Yeah, I liked the exchange between Renji and Bazz-B too and it's amazing that Bach is already at the Soul Palace! Aizen must be really jealous now. XD

  2. Thank you! =D

    Yeah, Bazz-B is fast becoming one of my favourite Quincies. I am surprised at how easy it's been for Yhwach, but I've just thought of a question: how did he make it there when you needed the Royal Key to get there?

    1. Well, if I remember the Royal Key was supposed to be in the bones of the Zero Squad, and since the barriers were opened by Ichigo's dress, which was made from the Zero Squad's bones, it could allow to Bach a little crack where he could slipping into the Palace. It's like I would accidently left the door open for a little then a fly or spider would quickly slipping into the house. ;)

      I'm wondering what will Bach first do: fight againts the Zero Squad or directly attacking the King.

    2. I suppose that would explain things, but it still seems as though Squad Zero has really lax security. It's more like leaving the door open and then realising that an axe-murderer has managed to get into your house as opposed to a fly =P

      I think Yhwach will probably send Uryu and Haschwalth to keep Squad Zero busy whilst he goes straight to the Spirit King, but I could be wrong.

    3. I'm betting Squad Zero want Yhwach to come up actually. I bet they're prepared and have some sort of huge security plan. Besides, it has been implied they are supremely-powerful so I can see them not being worried.

      Also, Squad Zero have Kon on their side!