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Fairy Tail Chapter 394 Review - Juvia vs Ki-su

Written by: Shiggins

Or "Keith" if you want the spooky necromancer to sound like your next door neighbour.

So the chapter focusing on the fight between Juvia and Ki-su begins with Natsu punching Tempesta but it has no effect. The same is happening with Gajeel and Torafusa!. We then go to our center of the week, Juvia who is unable to hear Silver's voice right now and is worried about hurting Gray by defeating Ki-su which will cause Silver to disappear. (A nice wee summary if you had forgotten about last week.)

Don't ignore her, Silver! Keep talking to her!

Ki-su tells Juvia how he always knew Silver would betray them, but he never cared because Silver's anger and want for revenge was the reason he was able to continue walking around as Ki-su's experiment subject. Ki-su just wants more dead people to control like puppets for his experiments, and Juvia feels appropriately insulted.

...Micha? What are you doing in Fairy Tail?

As Ki-su decides to kill Juvia and make her kill everybody else as a corpse, he then uses his shadow-tentacle-body-manipulating-self to grab Juvia, and skeletons appear to grab Lucy to prevent her from coming to Juvia's rescue. Ki-su then mocks Juvia and tells her to hurry up and kill him so Gray can lose his father. And sadly, Juvia cries that she can't do it which Ki-su predicted.

*sigh* Really, guys? Does it need to be so... sexual?

As Ki-su talks about how humans let emotions and feelings get in the way of logic and reasoning, he then dissolves her into nothing. (Or absorbs her. I'm not entirely sure what was actually happening in that picture but basically, it looks like she's dead). However, Ki-su suddenly gets all bumpy and swirly. It turns out Juvia turned into water and is now inside Ki-su.

Oh yeah. You two are still in this chapter...

As Juvia gives what I consider the most cringe-worthy speech of Fairy Tail (that I can remember) and talks about bonds and the power of love or whatever, she explodes Ki-su from the inside out. And with that, Ki-su and the rest of the skeletons crumble away into nothing. Juvia tearfully apologises to Gray for this, but she suddenly hears Silver again who thanks her for letting him pass on and for stopping Face.

Why do so many anime series have extremely powerful versions of love?

And we then see our final pages. Silver is passing on in a way extremely similar to Edo Tensei from Naruto, and we hear him tell Gray that the true reason he learned Ice Devil's Slayer Magic was because E.N.D is a flame demon and the power can now go from father to son, which gives Gray a very cool tattoo on his arm. Gray then vows to destroy E.N.D.

Well, he IS your rival after all... It's Natsu, genius!

Opinion: That was okay. It wasn't as big or powerful as I expected or hoped for, and the issue of Juvia hurting Gray was talked about but ended far too quickly. When I heard that Ki-su was a "necromancer", I envisioned his final battle being a lot darker and more chaotic than this. For a one-chapter-fight, it was good enough but Ki-su deserved a lot more to me.

On the bright side, Gray has Silver's magic now which is something I've been hoping for for a long time now, so that's good. However, E.N.D is far too obvious at this point. I don't feel like Hiro Mashima is trying to hide it anymore. We all know it's Natsu but I would have still liked Hiro Mashima to try to trick us in some way. I just hope he decides to reveal it very soon because dragging on the "surprise plot twist" for too long will be a huge waste of time.

And one last thing; I really cringed at how Juvia ruined her big fighting moment with the "power of love" speech.

Manga Rating: 2.5/5

Character of the Week: Juvia for defeating Ki-su.

Predictions: The ex-Chairman was never "alive" in the first place, like I thought. Mard Geer is using another method to keep Face going. We'll then see Mard Geer defeat Sting and Rogue, or at least he'll have to leave since Ki-su is gone and that affects his plan somehow.

Best Part: Gray became an Ice Devil Slayer.

Worst Part: "The Power of Love"

I don't know if it's part of the roleplay or not but... she looks really unhappy here. And it bothers me.

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  1. I have a feeling that future rogues actions will have affects on the timeline since it was because of him that natsu was able to meet atlas flame and eat his fire so its possible that natsu doing that and the events would make it so that end would be stronger than he was in future rogues timeline with the flame body power in which he can turn his body into flame to become intangible like juvia is with water

    1. That's not a bad idea actually. It makes sense that tons of things will be different now because of F.Rogue. The only quarrel I have with that is we still don't know how strong End is meant to be, so if we discovered he was more powerful because of F.Rogue, it would be strange because we never saw the original form.
      Still, Natsu as fire like how Juvia is water? ....That's cool.

    2. Its possible that igneel somehow separated natsus demon side from him which made it so that end would be weaker than he should have been but now in the current timeline he is at the power level that he is supposed to be at along with the flame body power so that he would be more dangerous than he would be when just at full power

  2. fairy tail chapter 396 is out on mangastream

  3. Whaaat? Why do you think Natsu is End? What did I miss? Explain pleeeease!!

    1. Oh you haven't heard of this theory? Yeah. The biggest theory I and many others have is that Natsu is the true End.

      He's secretly a demon created by Zeref, which would explain why Zeref wanted to see him so much.

      His father Igneel was unable to defeat End for unknown reasons, although I suspect he had grown too attached to the child Natsu.

      End is a flame demon.

      It would explain why Igneel was inside Natsu this whole time. To prevent Natsu opening the book End and awakening his demon side.

      Stuff like that.

    2. Yeah I haven't heard of this until now.
      That would make Natsu a few hundred years old. And his memory was sealed away with his demon self?

    3. That's what we think, yeah. And he was turned into a child along with it too.