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NARUTO Chapter 685 Review : Everything I've got...!!

Written by : FrillyPhoenix

There is no word in the world that can describe
the level of fangirlism this chapter made me reach.
I hope Kishi knows what he is doing and maintains that level of quality in the future.
Be prepared for some Frilly wet panties !

What is happening in this chapter ?

When I first read this chapter, I really thought it was fanmade (just like the infamous chapter 661.2).
But nope. All this goodness is for real. I'm not dreaming.

Same sleeveless arm... Obito ended up shirtless... you better get ready Sakura.

Okay, so the chapter starts with Kakashi kinda praying for Obito and Sakura's success in Kaguya's dimension. Meanwhile, we have Sakura expressing her resolve to do as well/better than Naruto (depends on the translations). We can see the remainings of a Naru-clone in front of her.

Now, Kishimoto shows us a very smart use of flashback for once : if you remember correctly, Naruto (the real one) is able to get the knowledge his clones have gathered for him when they disappear (chap. 315). Naruto uses this technique once again, and we get to see the information his clone – the one that went into Kaguya's dimension with Obito and Sakura – gathered for him.

And the whole thing is very nicely executed : we learn that the clone that faced Kaguya in the previous chapter was in fact the one that came with Obito and Sakura, it was not a random clone. While he was busy dictracting Kaguya and Black Zetsu, Obito and Sakura, hidden by sand dune, flew away to an other part of the same dimension in order to look for Sasuke. And it is the same clone that received Kaguya's blow, making her go back to the real world to check if the other clones had disappeared.
As she does, she realizes she got fooled, and that the real Naruto was still in the real world.

Next page is both awesome and confusing (because there's no transition) : we're back to Obito and Sakura, and we see her sharing her chakra with Obito by extending her Byakugou seal to his body, which, if I am not mistaken, had never been done before.

Oh yeah baby, tie him with your chakra ribbons and give him all you've got !

This allows Obito to use his Mangekyō Sharingan and understand that the dimension is veeery big. He's surprised that Kaguya can travel through it so fast (but this is simply because, just like Sasuke, she has the Sharingan with 9 tomoe).
Obito uses Kamui once which causes his body to ache and makes Sakura worry, but he asks her to keep going despite the pain.

Back to Naruto vs. Kaguya : she beats a few of his clones and, as she's about to use her portal again, BZ avises her to refrain from doing so, so Naruto won't be able to join Sasuke using this portal.
BZ shares another important (yet evident now that he mentions it) piece of information : the real Naruto is the one that has the Gudoudama attached to him (meaning that he can't fool her anymore).

Some panels of Sasuke show us that he has reached the place where he last felt Naruto's chakra (probably the place where Naruto's clone fought Kaguya and BZ).

For the last time in this chapter, we switch back to Obi&SakuTV : Obito is still trying to find the place where Sasuke is, but this time, Sakura and him are unlucky because Obito opens a dimension that contains a sea of acid, and before he manages to close it, some of this acid spills out of the portal.
Sakura reacts very quickly and protects Obito with her back : the acid that should have been spilled on Obito is spilled on her.

Because this acid is dissolving her clothes and hurting her skin, she gets rid of her jacket and of the right sleeve of her shirt. Obito is worried about her and offers to take a break for her to heal her injuries, but Sakura, just like Obito earlier in the chapter, asks him to keep going because her chakra is reaching its limit.
Obito understands her resolve and uses Kamui again.

Both Obito and Sakura look exhausted and have reached their limit, but fortunately, this time, the dimension opens at the right place and they find Sasuke. They call for him and he rushes to join them.
Just as the Kamui dimension is about to close due to Obito and Sakura running out of chakra, she gives her all in a last attempt to keep the dimension open and she manages to make it re-open it a little.

And just when she thinks she has failed to keep the Kamui gate open and faints from exhaustion, Kishimoto offers to his readers one of the most beautiful panels he has ever done...

You don't even need to ship that to appreciate the beauty of this panel.

...Sasuke grabs Sakura before she faints on the floor. All this anti-SasuSaku build for weeks, just for this one panel. The feels. TOO MUCH FEELS TO HOLD.
*ahem* Obito asks Sasuke how come he managed to reach them on time, and Sasuke answers that it is thanks to his new eye power. The most beautiful part (and open to interpretation) is that he says that normally, there's a limit to the distance he can travel with this technique, but just this time, he made it.

Next week, we get colored cover AND a "massive announcement" in the chapter. I can't wait but I'm afraid at the same time... hopefully, as ForneverWorld says, it's simply about the 2014 movie.

My opinion on the chapter :

Okay, now I can unleash all the fangirl feels. But first, there's something I'd like to mention : I really applaud Kishi for the amazing use of the clone technique/flashback to make the reader understand what happened in Kaguya's dimension. It was really awesome IMO, and it allowed Kishi not to waste too much time for this part. Plus, it was original and only possible in the NARUTO series. He could have done it in a more linear manner, but nope, not this time. This is nice because thanks to that, Kishi made a lot of things happen in just one chapter.

Now, for the fangirl part : KYAAAHHHH, dis iz mah gurl Sakura being awesom 'n doin' shit like a boss !!!
**AHEM** no seriously, she's really amazing today ! I was getting slightly disappointed/annoyed with all that happened in the previous chapters that made her appear under a more negative/vulnerable aspect. And even though I did know that it was only for build-up, I was really getting impatient for the moment she would finally get to shine in a realistic manner (meaning, without the frustration of her asspulling some amazing and unknown power to save the day). And I think she did a great job sharing her chakra/Byakugou seal with Obito (which I had secretly predicted), protecting him from the acid and deciding to continue despite her pain, without healing herself and making the last desperate effort to keep Obito's Kamui open for Sasuke.
The icing on the cake for me being those panels with Sasuke and Sakura and the look they share when he holds her. It really feels like Team 7 (that was fragmented with Sasuke only caring for Naruto) is back, and for real this time. And those last lines from Sasuke, I interpret them as : "normally, I wouldn't be able to do that, but your feelings and your care have finally reached me, and thanks to them, I made it".

I swear to God that if we don't get a cover for this panel, I'm gonna flip my lid.

Oh, and inb4 "SasuSaku iz cannon", NO it is not (though it won't stop SasuSaku fans to rave **sigh**).
For me, this was friendship in its purest form. Remember when Kakashi said, a few chapters ago, that Sakura's feelings for Sasuke had changed but that she still wanted "to save him" despite not liking him the way she did before ? Well, this was it. And this was Sasuke being grateful, as grateful as Uchiha Sasuke can be. Now, I'm going to be impopular with NaruHina/SasuSaku fans but I think that the hand-holding thing in chapter 615 and this "SasuSaku" thing (chapter 685, just 70 chapters later !) are the ultimate form of recognition Sakura and Hinata will ever get from the one they used to love/love. Meaning that this is the best proof of friendship they will receive from the guy they had/have feelings for, and it will never go further. At least this my theory, only the future will tell if I'm right or wrong.

Overall : I give this chapter a 5/5.

     Positive thing(s) :
+ Obito and Sakura (but esp. her) are awesome
+ the great execution of the flashback thanks to his clone
+ Sasuke FINALLY stopped the asshole-mode

     Meh thing(s) :
• art is inconsistent : either it really sucks or it is gorgeous within this one chapter

     Bad thing(s) :

Thanks for reading ! Hopefully Kishi keeps producing great things for the next chapters ! See ya~ !

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  1. Avec ma mésaventure, je vais tenter de tout réécrire mais en français. La flemme de tout refaire en anglais. Et la prochaine fois, je rédige avant sur un document word ! xD

    Donc, je disais que j'aime bien ce genre de review, ça fait chaud au cœur de voir tant de joie et de fangirlisme émaner de ton texte ! ♥

    Je trouve justement que Kishi a tendance à vouloir améliorer le style du manga. Quand on voit la façon dont il nous propose l'action (point de vue, fluidité dans la lecture) et la façon dont il dessine les mouvements, je trouve qu'il rend l'action plus vivante qu'avant et même un peu plus réaliste ! Même au niveau des expressions, je trouve qu'il cherche à être précis. Même s'il y a quelques panels qui laissent vraiment à désirer et qui semblent être dessinés par Isayama Hajime. AHEUM.

    Ensuite, Sakura. Elle a juste tellement géré ! Je suis vraiment contente que Kishi lui ait laissé ce rôle. Elle a eu de bons réflexes. Mes mots sont pas assez puissants pour exprimer à quel point j'en ai pris plein les yeux et senti une profonde satisfaction. D'ailleurs le scan m'a laissé une bonne impression, du positif. Y'avait longtemps que je ne m'étais pas sentie aussi bien après avoir lu un scan. Je me sentais pas forcément bien après les précédents, j'avais l'esprit embrouillé surtout quand il s'agissait de réfléchir à la suite ...

    Concernant le panel SasuSaku je le prends pas du côté romantique non plus. Je vois plus ça comme une forme de gratitude envers Sakura. Je le vois bien dire un truc du genre intérieurement "Tu t'es bien débrouillée, merci d'avoir sauvé mes petites fesses de la déshydratation. J'vais être sympa et te montrer un peu de reconnaissance."

    Puis bon, soyons honnêtes : la team ObiSaku rocks !

    Concernant l'annonce, je n'ai peur de rien, je suis préparée à tout là ! Bien évidemment si ça concernait le film, j'en serai plus que contente. tu sais à quel point je l'attends ...

    Pour terminer ce petit texte auquel il manque sûrement quelques idées perdues en cours de route je dirai : God Save Kishi !
    Et vivement la semaine prochaine ! Le temps va être long.

    1. Haha, merci ^^ ! Mais tu sais, t'es pas obligée de l'écrire en anglais, tu peux écrire en français dès le départ ! Comme ça, on peut insulter les autres modos du blogs et il le sauront pas, mwahaha :D ! *ahem*

      Merci, contente que tu aies apprécié la lecture. Honnêtement, ça me faisait pas plaisir de descendre le manga en flammes à chaque fois... mais là, Kishi s'est bien rattrapé je dois avouer.

      Je trouve aussi, le dessin s'est un peu amélioré en certains points, mais y'a des fois où c'est vraiment dramatique. Genre, dans ce chapitre, Sakura est super jolie, sauf dans les deux premiers panels de la page 15, comme tu dis, on dirait que Isayama a pété l'incruste dans le manga et l'a dessinée à la place de Kishi.
      Donc franchement, ça me stresse un peu le style inégal de Kishi dernièrement. Pourvu qu'il arrive à trouver son rythme avec son "nouveau style".

      TOI AUSSIIIIII !!! Mééé, Sakura est tellement badass, même elle, elle peut pas handle sa propre badassitude. Je m'étais pas sentie aussi bien depuis le chapitre 663 (même si le 663 reste encore le top de la crème pour moi).
      J'y pensais, mais tu sais, ça fait que depuis la Team 7 est réunie (chap. 631) que Sakura monte en badassitude. Genre, en même pas 50 chapitres, elle a eu le temps de faire bien plus en terme d'awesomeness que en 15 ans de manga (en ne comptant pas son combat contre Sasori). C'est cool que Kishi se soit réveillé, mais en même temps, c'est triste qu'il ait mis autant de temps à donner à son héroïne le rôle qu'elle méritait tout ce temps-là.

      J'suis sûre que Sakura va être la plus triste quand Obito va (re)mourir...

      xDDD j'ai trop imaginé des fesses de Sasuke déshydratées !!
      Mais le risque majeur, c'est que Sasuke comme Kishi finissent par oublier Sakura ENCORE une fois... Kishi fait tout le temps ça après lui avoir donné un bon rôle... et Sasuke... espérons qu'il commence à la voir comme un atout pour la Team 7 et non comme un boulet (mais quand même, Kishi lui a vraiment fait un gros doigt d'honneur dans la gueule à Sasuke : sauvé par celle qu'il jugeait inutile - oh the irony !). 'Fin bref.

      En ce qui concerne l'annonce, ça pourrait être : sorry bitches, the manga is over in 10 chapters from now ! 'Fin je doute que ce soit le cas, pas à un moment où il obtient des pages en couleur.
      Et oui, j'ai pensé à toi pour le film : on va voir Kakashi !! Enfiiiin !!

      Je sais pas si j'ai hâte à la semaine prochaine perso... généralement, quand Kishi donne à Sakura l'apothéose de la gloire, il trouve le moyen de ruiner ça juste après (genre, si Sakura fangirlise sur Sasuke, ça va ruiner un peu le truc)... donc je sais pas. J'ai hâte mais j’appréhende. On verra.