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NARUTO Chapter 684 Review : Must be killed

Written by : FrillyPhoenix

After hitting rock bottom with the previous chapters,
it seems that Kishimoto is finally trying to redeem himself.
And though I found most of the chapter boring,
the few interesting parts really made me look forward to the next chapter !

What is happening in this chapter ?

Chapter starts with the (not-useless-anymore) support party. Sakura is looking at Obito. As she thought (as a medic-nin), Obito's condition is so bad that he is going to die anyway, so he is willing to die doing something useful : rescuing Sasuke.
He asks Naruto's clone and Sakura to touch his body so he can use their chakra to Kamui himself and Sakura to join Sasuke in Kaguya's dimension.

Said in an other context, this could have a whole different meaning...

Kaguya notices their presence and Naruto (both the real one and the clone) and Sakura seem worried about that, but Kakashi realizes that she doesn't care about them (she must be thinking that they aren't dangerous enough to ruin her plan).

Suddenly, she rushes to attack the real Naruto, just like he wanted her to do. He understands that the things that work best on her are diversions and Taijutsu, so he is going to use the latter on her. His goal is also to join Sasuke when Kaguya uses her portal again. She shouts that there's nothing he can do because it is her dimension, but Naruto has... inner helpers that she isn't aware about.

Thanks to Kokuō's help (Five-Tails), Naruto produces a boiling chakra that frees him from the ice and allows him to punch Kaguya with great strength into a wall of ice. Then, it is Kurama's turn to supply Naruto with chakra for his Kage Bushin no Jutsu that creates a LOT of clones.

Kishi once said that it is when he and his staff are struggling the most with the deadline
that Naruto chooses to use the biggest number of clones... this one must have been tough.

Kaguya tries to fight back with what seems to be big fists made of chakra, but Naruto now claims the dimension as his own and he uses clones to block Kaguya's arms and legs before trying to attack her with a varient of the Uzumaki Naruto Rendan (the one he stole from Sasuke's Shishi Rendan during the Chuunin Exam, who himself stole it from Rock Lee's technique).

But before he manages to land his hits, Kaguya opens the portal to teleport herself away in order to avoid the blows. Both Obito and Naruto (the real one) take this opportunity to follow her into her escape dimension.

Naruto (and Obito + Sakura, shown later) arrive at what seems to be the same desert dimension in which Sasuke arrived a few chapters ago. Black Zetsu and Kaguya are surprised to see that Naruto followed them, and BZ quickly realizes that since his clones don't have enough chakra to stay in this dimension, this Naruto must be the real one.

BZ seems worried about Naruto being here since it is the dimension that links the others, and, in order to prevent him from joining his power with Sasuke to seal Kaguya, he advises his mother to eliminate him quickly. Kaguya disagrees because she wants to absorb his chakra, but BZ thinks that it is better to lose Naruto's worth of chakra than to take the risk to be sealed again. Kaguya eventually agrees with her son.

Now comes the confusing part. I think you all remember Kimimaro (the bone guy who worked for Orochimaru). He was from a clan called the Kaguya clan. But in that case, "Kaguya" was a last name, so it was different from our Kaguya, and thus it could be said that Kimimaro and Kaguya (the woman) had nothing to do with each other.
But what comes next in this chapter is Kaguya attacking Naruto with bones (and she successfully hits him BTW). So... wut ? How come Kaguya is able to use a technique from a clan that supposedly had nothing to do with her ? My guess (and I think it is the most logical reason) is that the Kaguya clan members named themselves after Kaguya Ootsutsuki (after all, Kimimaro DOES look like Kaguya a little).

No need to brag, dude, your unique power is going to get recycled 473 chapters later
'cause your creator, just like us, thinks that "it was better before".

Anyway, Naruto now being hit in the belly, Kaguya and BZ go out of the dimension to check if Naruto's clones have disappeared (that would be proof of Naruto's death), but they haven't. Seems like another part of Naruto's plan to me.

On the same page, we see that Sakura and Obito have arrived in Kaguya's dimension, and since Naruto's clone is no longer with them, Obito tells to Sakura he can only rely on her now (to give him chakra, I suppose). Which makes it the second time Obito and Sakura "team up". Hopefully she doesn't hesitate this time.

My opinion on the chapter :

TBH, I don't care at all for the Naruto vs. Kaguya thing. It's boring and I'm growing tired of seeing the exact same thing every week. NOW, the thing I'm very excited about is the ObiSaku team (the crack shippers must be partying right now). It is now Sakura's time to shine at last. If she screws up this one, their will be a never ending flow of hate for her for the rest of eternity.
But I know Kishimoto wants to give her the heroine role she deserves, so I'm confident with this one.
The thing that I liked the most in this chapter was the fact that even though Obito is her enemy, she (as the most humane character in the manga) is grateful and respectful towards him and his future sacrifice. I used to HATE Obito during his pathetic villain period, and I must admit I'm starting to like him now. I always thought it was more fitting for him to be on the "good" side, and I can't wait for next chapters just because of these two.
I'm also curious to know about Kakashi's role, now that he is alone and Sharingan-less.

Overall : I give this chapter a 2.5/5.

     Good thing(s) :
+ Obito&Sakura team

     Meh thing(s) :
• the sad attempt of nostalgia with Naruto's technique
• the sad attempt of a cliffhanger about Naruto's death

     Bad thing(s) :
- the art is absolutely disgusting

That's it for this week. Thanks for reading this very long review ! See ya~ !

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