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Magi 231st Night Review

Written by: Micha

After being on break last week, Magi is back with a new chapter that is exciting and definitely worth the wait. This chapter begins with Solomon waking up after his battle with David, although if you recall, there weren’t much of a resistance from David. You can almost say that Solomon and his army won because David committed suicide.

But keeping that aside, Solomon has woken up from a slumber of apparently two days. Solomon was heavily wounded and Sheba warned him not to move around since they were barely able to keep him together with magic. Solomon then wonders about the magicians who fought in the war.

The next panels shows the aftermath of the war, which I highly suspect will be a huge problem that will contribute to a lot more conflict that’s coming. It seems that the spirits of the magicians have been severely burdened by their families and loved ones’ death when David had gone Hitler on Solomon’s base.

The other species were excited about not having to spend their days confined in their barriers with their loved ones, who by the way are not dead as opposed to the magicians’ families, and seeing them all cheerful made the magicians even more depressed.  

"Our families are dead. How could they be...horsing around like that?"
No? Really? Okay.
 The next most worrying subject seems to be Ugo, who has locked himself in a room full of his books, drowning himself in self-pity. Ugo seems to believe that the deaths of everyone were his own fault, and that if he had decoded the defensive barrier faster, they could’ve saved the base.

We then see Solomon barge in to his room and after that confronts his people about the war. He apologizes to everyone shortly before Ithnan grabbed him maniacally but calmed himself after a few seconds. Ithnan acknowledged that what happened was not Solomon’s fault, but found it ridiculous that David would simply destroy himself.

Yaoi ships make everyone go a little dark.

He also added, “And that base held no strategic meaning.” Now I quote this because I’m not entirely certain if he complaining that Solomon didn’t strategize and guard the base well, or that he was just stunned by the fact that David would attack a place where there was no magicians, except Setta, of course.

And also the fact that David would just kill himself after murdering the base had made the deaths meaningless, which made Ithnan even more upset and conflicted.

Way to go, douche.

After seeing the dejected faces of his people, Solomon says that there must’ve been a reason that David had done so, which mind you, was a poor choice of words. Solomon quotes David before his death when he said about the flow of destiny. Solomon wanted to explore and investigate the objective of David and the reason why he had stored such a huge amount of magic with him when he had created the defensive barrier.

Solomon intends to find it and give it to the people even though he was aware of the fact that it wouldn’t bring the dead back. He also, apparently, plans to use that power for the peace of the world. Whatever that means.

Solomon and the magicians go back to David’s sanctuary to find the magoi David had hidden, and Solomon feels an extreme sense of dimensional distortion. Apparently, the one holding David’s staff only could feel it, and at the time it happens to be Solomon. David had stored the great amount of magic in another dimension, and Solomon tries to gets in to it using the staff, taking a few people around it with him.

And Ugo was sporting the weirdest boner after having his theory confirmed.

The next thing they know, they were sucked in to another dimension and they saw something so beautiful it made Arba cry. They saw Ill Ilah the creator of Alma Torran, or more accurately, His form. But there was a great quantity of magoi leaking from a hole that David had made, which connected him to God. Sheba then remembers the Origin Dragon saying that someone was going to kill God, which makes Arba cry even more realizing that it was David who had put God in such a pitiful state.

I don't like her, but this picture is beautiful.

The chapter ends with Ugo noticing the black creatures that surrounded the place were rukhs, and Solomon wonders the objective of David to bring him to that place.  

My thoughts:

Well, it seems that we're done with the war, which was awfully short, to the point nonetheless. And this chapter has to be one of the very well organized chapter I've seen in a while. Every panel was fully utilized well rather than the filler panels you see nowadays. And in this chapter, we see the tip of the iceberg that is going to crash Solomon's supposedly well put together society.

This chapter shows the depressed magicians showing a hint of jealousy and conflict for the other species, Ithnan slowly getting frustrated, Falan's spirit already seems dead, and Solomon has found dynamite. I wonder how the situation could go wrong.   

Although they have won the battle with the Orthodox, it doesn't feel victorious at all. 

The other thing that really bugs me is that the rukhs appear to be black. Why is that? I'm hoping we'd get a clearer explanation on that later on. 

Also, I apologize if I have referred to Arba as Sheba in this review or the other way round because honestly, I have a hard time figuring out myself. I usually look at their chests for confirmation and this chapter didn't seem to do that for me and had left me searching for their breast size like an old pervert. 

Manga chapter rating:

Because so much happened.


Why did I find this picture so beautiful?


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