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Fairy Tail Chapter 393 Review - Silver Memories

Written by: Shiggins

He is who we thought he was but not who he made us think he was!

Or to put it simply, Gray was right at the end of last week. Silver is Silver Fullbuster, not Deliora. Silver reveals that this whole time, he wanted Gray to kill him and has been waiting for this day. Not only is he not human, he isn't a demon. The truth is, and this is my favourite twist involving Silver so far, he is a corpse reanimated by Ki-su! Ki-su the necromancer did all this to Gray! I love it! It makes sense, it was hinted at earlier, it gives us more time with Silver after the ball in the belly and it means... Well, we'll get to that last part later.

Wait... How old does this make Gray? What age was he when Silver died? Does this include the timeskip?
Ki-su was experimenting on corpses (so Micha should be shivering with lust over this guy now), and Silver was the most successful experiment because he was so focused on getting revenge for the demons who killed his family. While living in Tartaros, he kept going out and killing demons in secret hence why he froze Atlas Flame's village of giants. (If you remember correctly, Silver made the mistake that Atlas Flame was a demon, and nobody else in Tartaros knew he froze the village.) Silver had planned to destroy Tartaros until the day he saw Gray in the Grand Games and discovered he was still alive.

"And I realised... just how cool you are!"

Feeling guilty over how he had dirtied his hands over the years for Tartaros, Gray realises that was why Silver wanted to "end", since he was already dead. As Silver says he wants to leave everything to Gray, Gray almost snaps until he remembers how he yelled about Ur and family and the Guild earlier in the fight. Silver wants Gray to forget about him and just end him right here and now. Silver is tearing up and says he is not deserving to be Gray's father because of everything that has happened, such as killing Council members and helping activate Face. And just when it looks like Gray is about to kill the enemy of his Guild... He cries and proclaims he can't do it.

I'm sorry but that looks far too goofy for me to take seriously.

Finally, seeing his son cry, Silver stands up and holds his son dearly. Silver reveals he won't last long anyway, and the two share what I would honestly consider the most tear-provoking moment in Fairy Tail history as they hug each other. Maybe I'm a sap or something but to be honest, this got me really emotional. I think it's amazing to see Gray like this. As we see the grave of Mika and Gray, Silver says he's proud of his son. And finally, it's on to the final thing that I hinted at in the introduction paragraph. Silver uses telepathy to contact Juvia (yes, he can do that now), and reveals to Juvia she must defeat Ki-su so the ex-Chairman can stop moving and Face can be defeated. And yes, that means Juvia is the one who is going to have make Gray cry by taking his father away from her...

Does this count as Silver approving Gruvia? No? Screw you, it does now!

Opinion: I loved this chapter. I have a soft spot for "big reveals and explanations" where everything clicks together to reveal a big clever plot. It always makes me appreciate the writers more when I know they've thought these things out. That moment where Silver and Gray had a hug was big and emotional and in my opinion, is one of the best parts of this arc. The idea of Juvia fighting Ki-su which will end up hurting Gray is powerful and clever at the same time.

Manga Rating: 4.5/5

Character of the Week: Gray for his emotional moment with Silver.

Predictions: Juvia vs Ki-su is going to be full-power and no mercy. Juvia is going to worry about doing this but reassure herself that she is doing this because she needs to, and she's prepared to have Gray hate her for this if it means saving his life. Erza and Minerva will confront the ex-Chairman.

Best Part: The hug between father and son.

Worst Part: The artwork for Gray's crying face.

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