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NARUTO Chapters 686 and 687 Reviews : Obito's death (+ bonus bitching)

Written by FrillyPhoenix

Okay, this week's review is gonna be a little different than usual,
and since I was too upset to write one last week,
I'm going to make up for that by doing a double review which I'll call...
I'll also be bitching about some other stuff, but you'll see.

Yes, I am one week too late to post this picture and I feel no shame.

Chapter 686 :

This will be a short sum-up, 'cause nothing extraordinary happened in it (besides Obito's death flag being triggered).

Chapter starts with the dead Hokages discussing with Hagoromo. He's about to give them orders for some sealing performance.
Then we get several pages of Naruto fighting with Kaguya (bo~ring). And then comes the annoying part : Kakashi whining about his own uselessness (well, that's what happens, bitch, when for years, you've done nothing but relying on a power that wasn't yours... when you can't use it anymore, you're screwed).

Kakashi obviously has no idea I have to review those chapters, otherwise,
 he wouldn't have poorly cut panels for his flashbacks... unless he knows I'm bitching on him...

Then, Obito, Sakura and Sasuke come back from Kaguya's dimension, which causes Kaguya to worry because now that Sasuke and Naruto are reunited, they're going to be able to seal her. In order to prevent that, she takes everybody in a new dimension in which the gravity is so strong it pins everyone on the ground, including Kaguya herself. She throws bones at Naruto and Sasuke, but because of the gravity, she misses them, but thanks to this, she's able to fix the precision of her next shots.

This allows Kakashi to understand how he is going to be useful. Now, quick question for you kids : when a character in NARUTO has reached the rock bottom of uselessness, what does Kishimoto make them do ?
That's right, he makes them "sacrifice" themselves for the sake of the hero, by becoming meat shields (but it fails, and instead, the useful character ends up dying instead... yes Hyuugas, I'm talking about you).
And that's exactly what happens here again, Kakashi and Obito try to protect Naruto and Sasuke, guided by Rin's ghost/will, but... only Obito takes the blow as he Kamuis (yes, this is a verb) the bone that Kakashi was supposed to take...

Overall + opinion : Boring chapter, it gets a 1.5/5.
Just one tiny problem : how the hell was Obito able to perform Kamui TWICE in this chapter, when he was at the limit of exhaustion in the previous chapter WITH Sakura's help **sigh** ?
Kakashi was being veeery annoying. I mean, I used to think that Kakashi was an OK character (despite the fandom worshipping him) and hate Obito (during his "bad guy" days), but with all that happened lately, I have grown attached to Obito. And I was hoping (I still am) that Kishi would find a suitable role for Kakashi (even without his Sharingan) to do in this last battle, not simply reduce him to what a secondary character (Hinata) did twice in the past. Hopefully Obito's death will wake Kakashi up and he'll be able to do something great. I don't want to believe that for all this years, his only strength was the use of the Sharingan and that now he doesn't have it anymore, he's going to be nothing. I still have faith in you Hatake Kakashi, you better not disappoint me.

♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦

Chapter 687 :

This chapter is all about Obito's death (and Kaguya conveniently letting him make his little dying speech instead of attacking them, which would be a better strategic choice...).

Silly Kakashi, since when exactly do the useless characters die instead of the useful ones in NARUTO  ?
It's been the same for FIFTEEN years, get with the program already, dude.

Naruto does try to "heal" Obito with his new power, but since Black Zetsu isn't as stupid nice as Kaguya, he tells Naruto that saving Obito would be of no use : he has no place to return, no friends, and since he has betrayed both sides, none would want to deal with him again (meaning : he's just a piece of trash that should die). Obito knows it's the death he deserves, but Naruto's anger is escalating...

While they're talking, Sasuke, whose eye power has returned, attacks Kaguya, but Kaguya (who has the same power) takes them all to the "core dimension", the one from which Sasuke was just rescued.
He uses his winged Susanoo to be the decoy for Kaguya, and asks Naruto to leave Obito as he's going to die anyway, but of course, Naruto doesn't, so Sasuke goes ahead and distracts Kaguya.

Obito gives his last, dying speech and advice to Naruto, followed by *oh surprise !* a flashback with Rin, and lastly, tells Naruto to become Hokage at all costs (poor Sasuke, no one supports you).
We can now add Obito to the (long) list of heroic characters who died with a smile on their face in the series (seriously, it gets old Kishi). Obito then becomes confetti turns to ashes, leaving a teary Naruto behind.

"...So I don't end up having regrets for dying a virgin"

While Sasuke is fighting, BZ rejoices about Obito's death and keeps insulting him and this causes Naruto to react... and attack Kaguya and her son (funny how Sakura's reaction is exactly the same as Tenten's for Lee when Neji died : no words for the deceased himself even though they were "close" but only for the sad friend).

Lastly, we see Rin and Obito "on the other side". She was waiting for him and they are now going to leave together. Second funny thing : note how Kishimoto made Obito a young boy again to be reunited with Rin instead of the grown man he is, so it avoids making Obito awkwardly look like a pedo Lolicon.

Overall + opinion : This chapter gets a 2.5/5. I was a little touched by Obito's death, but I didn't feel THE FEELS. If you want my opinion, MY take on Obito's last speech was better **shameless self-promotion**. I was surprised Sakura didn't have the feels since she teamed up with Obito twice... I guess the crack ship named ObiSaku has officially sunk...
Now, that Obito isn't there, Kakashi has a chance to redeem himself, I hope he's going to use it well.

OT bitching :

• Two weeks ago, we were told to get ready for a ~big announcement~. As most of the community has guessed, it was about the next NARUTO movie (and the teaser came out today and you can watch it HERE). Now, that should make me happy, right ? WELL. I. AM. NOT. Would you please look at that :

If you can't be bothered to grow up as a hot guy, please don't grow up at all Naruto.

I swear to God if Naruto is going to look this ugly as a grown-up, Hinata can have him for all I care (ugly people should end up together anyway).
. . .
JK obviously, but please Kishi... do something, fix him, I don't know. Plastic surgery must exist, even in Konoha, right ?

• Also, Kishimoto please... if you could stop fueling the shipping wars, me and my Tumblr thread would be very grateful.

What a difficult choice : the guy who loved her for 15 years or the one who tried to kill her three times..?
Hmmm... I'm torn.

• Last but not least, Sasuke is apparently getting his own series (source). Now, if I'm not mistaken, this is called "milking the (dying) cow", right ? The main series is about to end and... oh well. I guess we, Sasuke fans, should simply take the gift and be thankful.

That's it for today ! Thanks for reading (and sorry for skipping a review, I will ~try~ not to skip any in the future) !

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  1. "Kishimoto please... if you could stop fueling the shipping wars, me and my Tumblr thread would be very grateful."

    LOL, are you really give about this? Just accept that Kishimoto use shipping fanservice like the author of Twilight. I'm sure that neither NaruTema, NaruSaku, NaruHina, SasuKari nor SasuSaku will happen, cause that how Kishimoto want to profiting from that.

    "What a difficult choice : the guy who loved her for 15 years or the one who tried to kill her three times..?"

    Funny, Hinata loved Naruto for 15 years, still she don't deserve him, but the one, who used him as a tool to bring back Sasugay. Why do you think Sai scolded her and told her that he loves her? 1st for shipping fanservice, 2nd because Sai was right that Sakura simply used out Naruto.

    About the "3 killing", it was 2 and Sakura also tried to kill him too. Also, Sakura almost killed Naruto because of her stupidity to trying kill someone whom she loves too much that can't kill. Not mentioning that Sakura don't know the truth like Naruto, who is very forgiving towards Sasuke because he knows what Konoha did to his family. What do you think, what will Sakura do after she learn the truth that Konoha ordered Itachi to massacare them down?

    I'm not a shippinger, because all "couples", a.k.a. shippings are lame and bad written (what happened both to Hinata's and Sakura's confessions? when did Naruto said anything to them?).

    Sorry, just kidding, I like teasing shippingers, regardless of their shippings - thought, if Kishi would paid more attention to the story and quality than shipping, then the manga would still makes any sense. Hahahaha, I was just kidding again... the manga gone downhill since the start of Part II! ;)

    1. By comparing Kishimoto's work with Meyer's shit, you've said the biggest offense I've ever read to NARUTO. Juuust sayin'.
      Now I don't mind the fanservice (since it is quite light in this manga) but if it could be part of the story instead of some randow artwork, it would at least be more relevant.

      Last time I checked, the manga was still called "NARUTO", not "HINATA". Which is why I support the hero's crush. 'Cause that's his manga, ya know. Hinata's crush on Naruto has about the same weight on the story than Lee's for Sakura. To each their own ships I guess. Me shipping the same ship as the manga's protagonist is, of course, absolutely irrelevant.

      No, it was THREE murder attempts from Sasuke, my dear (I used to be a SasuSaku shipper, I would know).
      Now, about what Sakura did, that is also discutable, and whether or not it was a good idea... let's say that we all have our own opinion on the matter ;).

      At least, Sakura's confession got a rejection. Poor Hinata is still checking her mailbox for news from Naruto.

      I don't mind the teasing really. I wrote all that stuff just to tease/piss off the shippers of my rival ship too, so if I couldn't take the teasing on my ship (or anything else), that would be pretty lame, right :) ?

  2. why your rude in making naruto reviews??what's the problem with it? if you don't like naruto manga stop making reviews you're ruining others fun..FUCK YOU!!BITCH.. why not make manga series if you can?hehehe. let's see what it feels when your art is being insul..ted with no legitimate reasons..HAHAHA.

    1. Bitch please. I own all of the volumes + quite a lot of goodies from this manga. Kishimoto and his editors have ~450€ of my money in their pockets. I'm part of these people who provide for their food, their home and the allowance money they give to their kids.
      Not only am I entitled to write harsh criticism about the manga if I want to, but I could also take a dump on it and send the picture to Kishi, and he'd still have to accept it and STFU. And so would you.

      So if my writings somehow offend you in any form way, I will kindly invite you to stop reading them, because if you think I'm stopping there, you've got another thing coming ♥.