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Fairy Tail Chapter 391 Review - Gray vs Silver

Written by: Shiggins

This is one of those chapters I can't really talk too much about sadly.

So yes, the title is the entire chapter. There are no moments where we see what Wendy's team or Erza's team are doing, because it's all a big battle chapter. This is one of those chapters that works better when you read it alongside other chapters, but not when it's alone because it is just full punching and taunting and such. To call it a bad chapter would be harsh. It's an okay chapter. Gray attacks "Silver" with his usual ice attacks and Silver responds with his own powers, destroying Gray's ice with ease and smacking Gray about for fun.

Gray is giving us a glimpse of his love for flowers this week.
There's lots of jumping about and such until Silver suddenly reveals he can eat Gray's magic because of his Slayer Magic. Deliora reveals he learned this magic specifically because of Gray and Lyon and he wanted revenge on them. We then see Ki-su telling Juvia about Silver, for some untold reason, and he says how Mard Geer may have let him join the demons as a deterrent or just on a whim. I'm personally hoping there is some sort of epic reveal for the reason why.

Sadly, this one page is the only page I felt made an impact on me in this chapter.

With Gray losing badly and Silver planning to kill Lyon after this, Gray is doing nothing but fail while Silver laughs. Even when he tries using cannons to fire the rubble at Silver, Silver retaliates by turning the entire area to ice, thus making it so he can't be hurt by any of the environment. Gray uses this to his advantage and absorbs the ice to throw back at Silver. (This is the same thing he did when fighting Doriate in the Sun Village Arc.) Since Slayers can't eat their own magic, Silver is struck. However, all he does is smirk and not even be harmed since, like he said earlier, ice cannot hurt him.

I gotta admit, I do like it when they make a reference like this.

And that's it. Nothing else to say. It's certainly not a bad chapter but it's not a good one either. I didn't even really want to review this one since I had nothing to talk about. Shame really.

Manga Rating: 2.5/5

Character of the Week: Silver/Deliora for being the clear winner of this match so far.

Predictions: Gray is about to use the spell that trapped Deliora, but Lyon is going to appear and make him not throw away his life like that. We'll hopefully see more of Juvia fighting Ki-su because for some reason, I find that part the most interesting thing right now. (Other than Wendy vs the giant Face bombs). When Lyon arrives, so will the other Guilds.

Best Part: Ki-su talking to Juvia, preventing this from being nothing but a massive chapter of just two characters fighting.

Worst Part: The final page revealing that nothing has actually happened in this episode.

Other news: According to my sources, another two of the spinoffs created for the magazine have been revealed. (With one of them already having been announced as a prequel based on Mavis creating Fairy Tail, with Hiro Mashima teasing us right now.)

One of them is called "The Fairy Girls" which will supposedly focus on the two strongest girls in the world. If we had to guess, we'd say Erza, Minerva and/or Lucy.

The other spinoff is a lot more interesting though. It is called "Blue Mistral" and will feature Wendy as the main character. This spinoff will be a shoujo based on Wendy being a "magical girl" and supposedly, she will have a romantic interest.

Neither of these will be drawn by Hiro Mashima.

Personally, I'm not really excited for this one...
THIS is the spinoff I'm excited for: Fairy Tail Zero!

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  1. Don't forget about ICE TRAIL (also drawn by someone else) which is basically the time about Gray, after Deliora attacked and before he joined FT.

    1. Really? I hadn't heard about that but to be honest, seems really pointless. Showing one character without having him interact with the others? Giving him a group we'll never care about, especially since we know the ending is "he joins FT"? I'm not a fan... Still, thanks for letting me know!

  2. "The Fairy Girls", as its title indicates, is going to be about FT girls, so it rules out Minerva.
    And if it's about the most powerful FT girls, then it's going to be about Erza and Mira, I think.

    1. Yeah probably. (Why did I say Minerva before Mirajane? What the hell...?) But to be honest, I'm not interested in that spinoff at all anyway so...*shrug*