Sunday, July 6, 2014

Bleach Week Introduction

Bleach Week Introduction
Written by: ClayDragon

For those of you who missed last week’s Bleach review, you’re probably unaware of the fact that I declared this week to be Bleach Week. I did say that there’s no real reason for it, as every Bleach milestone or anniversary occurs during term time at university, but as it turns out, this post is Otaku Nuts’ 300th post, so what better time to start a week-long run of anime-related articles?

And instead of a proper article, you get this crappy introduction. Just like Naruto filler!
Essentially, I’m going to be publishing a Bleach-related article every day over the next five days, starting from Monday, in addition to my regular Bleach manga review. Why am I doing this, you may ask? Well, I’ve had the idea for a while now, and due to one thing or another (read: my endless talent for procrastination), I’ve never been able to get around to it until now. But now, what with the long summer break, I’ve finally had the time to be able to churn out five articles in a row.

This is actually only the 68th Bleach-related article, but this image was too good to pass up.

For those of you who are wondering, here’s the breakdown of what articles are coming out on each day:

Monday               -              Top 10 Zanpakuto
Tuesday               -              Symbolism and Mythology in Bleach
Wednesday          -              Top 10 Characters (and Bleach Chapter 588 review)
Thursday              -              Bleach: Soul Resurrección Review
Friday                  -              Bleach Anime Review

Bleach Week comes with the Kisuke Urahara Seal of Approval!

That’s pretty much it, enjoy Bleach Week!

If you enjoy Bleach, that is. If you don’t, then I apologise in advance for flooding the website with articles related to an anime you don’t even like.

ClayDragon is currently studying Physics at university, and is constantly bewildered by it. The main method of contacting him is his Gmail account at The alternative is his Skype account at kyleroulston1993, but he doesn’t use it that much. When not playing games or reading, he can be found with his head in his hands whilst trying in vain to understand quantum physics. Let Bleach Week...begin!


  1. Sweeeet! Can't wait for them!

    True, I'm not a true Bleach fan, but I thinks it's still a fine shonen fight manga! ;)

  2. Thanks, I hope you enjoy them!

    How come you're not a 'true fan'? You've commented on one of my reviews, so I assume you know enough about Bleach to be able to read them :P