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NARUTO Chapter 683 : I had the same dream as you

Written by FrillyPhoenix

It felt really weird to read this chapter, dunno why.
Almost like I'm reading a whole different manga.
But there are some positive things this time. FINALLY.
There are still a lot of flaws though.

So, what's happening in this chapter ?

This chapter starts with Sasuke and Naruto getting separated. Naruto tries to keep open the portal Kaguya used to teleport Sasuke, but fails.

Black Zetsu is the one commenting the fight, this week, as Kaguya uses another portal to get Naruto by using her arm only this time, but Naruto manages to avoid getting caught. She then uses the portal to hide her whole body and get closer to Naruto without him being able to tell where she'll appear next.
The next panels are (purposely) confusing, and show the nature attacking Naruto with storm and snow.

Did I tell you about Tajū Alzheimer no Jutsu ? Very useful technique to waste 2/3 of a page.
This will be on the next test, so make sure to take notes.

Now, we're back to the "useless party" : Kakashi, Sakura and Naruto's clone.
Seems like Kishimoto remembered the reason why he placed them there, 'cause they're going to play a role, AT LAST ! And guess what ? This week, Sasuke's groupie isn't Sakura but Naruto !

So while they're trying to understand what had just happened to them, Obito wakes up and asks Naruto's clone for details on the situation (it's about time somebody asked !). Naruto tries to prevent them from going where the danger is, but Obito, Sakura and Kakashi's resolve is firm : they are prepared to die.

♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦

Remember that the previous Hokages were not caught in the Infinite Tsukuyomi ? I hope so, 'cause they're back too. They're reunited and it seems that they tried to look for people who, like them, have been spared by Madara's jutsu, but they only find Madara's lower half (which should be enough to please Hashirama).

They want to know whether Madara is alive or not, and how to free his victims. Tobirama has the idea to revive Madara with Edo Tensei using his legs, but Hashirama is opposed to this idea as it would require another sacrifice.

At that moment, Hagoromo's ghost (?) comes out from Madara's body and praises Hashirama for his kindness. Then, he introduces himself to the Hokages (and most likely - but it is not shown - tells them about... everything).

This Hagoromo thing is becoming way too mainstream for my own tastes...

♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦

Once again, we're back to poor Sasuke and his failed attempts to escape Kaguya's dimension.

Then, the "useless party" (OK, I'll stop calling them like that) is shown running towards Real Naruto as his clone has just finished with his little story.

They manage to reach Real Naruto's place, but he's still being attacked by ice (it seems to be part of his plan to make it look like he is stuck, so he can attack Kaguya later).

Obito witnesses Kaguya's portal technique and deduces it is similar to his own technique (so I was right to call it "Kamui-like" all this time !) and understands that it must have been used to send Sasuke to another dimension. He also thinks that he can get to where he is next time Kaguya uses her technique but it is not as easy as it seems...

Obito needs a BIG amount of chakra to do it (since it is not his dimension), so Naruto's clone offers his help and chakra, but that's not enough so... Who ya gonna call ? SAKURA ♪ ! Her Hyakugou chakra added to Naruto's clone's chakra should be enough for Obito to save Sasuke.

Ironic how Sasuke is going to be saved with Sakura's help, the one he called useless many times, right?
(Not mentionned, but Kakashi is the only one who will remain in the snowy dimension, with Real Naruto, so maybe he'll get to do something useful for him while the others are away..?)

Naruto then thanks Obito for what he does for Sasuke and him, but Obito says it is too early to thank him. Obito remembers Naruto and Kakashi's words and his old dream. Which is why he asks Naruto to let him sacrifice himself for his sake.

Also called George R. R. Martin syndrome.

My opinion on the chapter :

A rather long review this time. As I said, this chapter left a strange impression on me after the first reading. Some of the drawings looked like they weren't made by Kishimoto (especially some Naruto and Sakura ones or maybe that's just me).

But I'm glad Sakura gets to do something at last, and Kakashi too. BTW, have you noticed how Kakashi and Obito both say that they are going to die in this chapter ? Why it is annoyingly redundant, I really hope the two of them die. This way, they'll all get reunited with Minato and Rin in death. It would be a fitting end for team Minato. But it would be foolish to believe in that. It is a well-known pattern used by Kishi for years now. Unfortunately for me, all the characters who voice their will to die end up surviving somehow : it was the case for Hinata, Gai and Obito once. And it is even more possible for them to survive now that Naruto has unlocked the Jesus-mode to heal them in case they are critically wounded **sigh**. So unless I see them dead with people crying over their cold bodies, I won't believe in anyone's death.

Surprisingly, now, I find myself looking forward to the next chapter(s) for one particular reason that I won't say today... let's hope Kishi doesn't screw up the next chapters like he did with the two previous ones.

Overall : I give this chapter a 2.25/5.

     Good thing(s) :
+ Kakashi&cie finally start moving and plan useful things

     Meh thing(s) :
• too many unnecessary panels for Real Naruto
• not an extremely exciting chapter overall

     Bad thing(s) :
- art sucks
- two uses of the "I'm ready to die"-thing in one chapter = boring

That's all folks ! See ya next week !

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