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Kuroshitsuji Chapter 95 Review - That Butler, Disappointed

Written by Shiggins

Some beautiful pages this month.

4 reviews in 2 days?! Are you shitting me?! I have done 4 reviews in less than 48 hours! Holy hell, that's a lot! Manga is showing me no fucking mercy, is it?! I mean, I have a life! I'm meant to have one at least! Instead, it's review after review! I swear, I'm scared for next week because something else is probably going to pop up out of nowhere! I'm just lucky that most of these chapters have been so good! Including this one! Anyway, here! Now, no more reviews from me for another week! I earned it!

Bad touch! Bad touch! I need an adult!
So our story begins back in the dreamworld which I love so much, with Ciel 1 being talked to by Ciel 2 in a gentle and "creepy-if-not-yourself" way. Then Ciel 2 suddenly transforms into Ciel 3, which is covered in blood and asks him "why he seeks revenge". Ciel 1, the real Ciel, suddenly sees himself back in the cage from years ago and we get glimpses of people who have died because of Ciel ever since he made the contract, including Madam Red and Joker. Then we see Ciel's parents appear as well. With all the questions being tossed around as to why Ciel wanted revenge, Ciel denies all of them and finally gives his answer. 

Okay, I recognise everybody here except that last guy. Who the fuck is that!? (*sigh* I need to reread this series now!)

He's not noble enough to give up his own life for another. He's not forgiving enough to let someone trample over him. He did this because he is selfish and self-righteous and wants the strongest power so he can be better than everyone. To put it simply, Ciel might be the first protagonist I've ever seen who justifies himself by calling himself a selfish bastard. I am... impressed! That's so odd and unique I like it! And the next few pages I consider just brilliant as the dream shatters before him and he literally runs through everybody to reach Sebastian.

I found these pages so great that I just had to show them both!

And finally, Ciel wakes up to tell Sebastian "stop eating me". After some nice little banter where Sebastian justifies himself by doing this to wake Ciel up (I knew it was a fucked up reverse psychology!), Ciel asks Sebastian to let the rest of the servants in. And guess what? They were all trying to listen in! I can't help but be curious as to what they'd have done if Sebastian had eaten Ciel but... let's move on. Finny is the one who gets first and special attention here when Ciel personally thanks him for all his hard work earlier.

Sebastian has an amazing Gin Ichimaru impression.

And now, Ciel looks at them all and shocks them with an apology. He's sorry for causing them all to worry and panic over his recent state, and he wants them all to continue following his orders. Of course, they say yes and this is all a funny, sweet moment which is usually quite nice in Kuroshitsuji. (Although I can't help but feel we should be focusing on other matters right now!). We then see Ciel's condition be compared to how some soldiers could become over being injured, and that the curse was clearly aiming for psychological pain as well as physical.

Don't you EVER yell at Snake!

Finally, we get to see the contents of the letter from earlier. A code written to Ciel. Sebastian tells Ciel how he had to act fast and gave the Royal Family plants to analyse and create a cure for Ciel. Apparently, the code reveals "the true identity" of the curse, which is interesting. Does this mean it's man-made? Is something else going on? And to make matters more interesting, the Queen has also asked Ciel to bring the Witch to her for tea! *le gasp*

I'm suddenly reminded of "The Hounds of Baskerville"...

Opinion: It was a good chapter, yeah. It went a bit downhill after the wonderful dream ended but that's to be expected. I would have liked to have seen more of the Witch but I an accept all of this since we finally have Ciel walking about again. And of course, it made me smile during the funnier moments which was enjoyable.

Oh, and one last thing. The reason the chapter is called "That Butler, Disappointed" is because Sebastian didn't want Ciel's soul. Just incase you were wondering or confused. 

Manga Rating: 4/5

Character of the Week: Ciel for escaping the dream.

Predictions: Ciel will confront Sullivan and Wolfram, and answers will finally be answered. Sullivan will discover the invitation and immediately decide to go, ignoring Wolfram's recommendations and warnings.

Best Part: The dream shattering spectacularly. 

Worst Part: The abrupt change in mood and atmosphere.

Not really the face of somebody "disappointed", is it?

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  1. I think that the silhouette on the right, of the people who Ciel "sacrificed" throughout his life; is most likely that of Baron Kelvin. He was Joker and Doll\Freckles' master (as also that guy who was super creepily obsessed with Ciel).

    1. Oh, it just might be. That's interesting.

  2. Chapter 96 is out! :)

    1. Haha! So it is. The review should be up tonight or tomorrow.