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Fairy Tail Chapter 392 Review - You Must Not Forget

Written by Shiggins

So... we were right? We were wrong? What?!

Alright, let's just start from the beginning. More time with Wendy and Face, who have not actually moved since we last saw them. (A bit weird but let's just accept it.) Wendy has decided that she wants to join the others who are still fighting Tartaros, which is also surprising because I thought her big time in this arc was done. I'm not complaining though. Anyway, Wendy also reveals she wants to use Warren to contact the other guilds which is also odd because I would have thought they would know about all of this happening already.

Wendy in Chapter 388 and 392: Spot the difference!
As we get a brief glimpse of Ki-su saying he knows Gray will do what his master did and Juvia worries that Gray is going to use Iced Shell, it's back to Silver vs Gray again which is easily the best part of this chapter and a huge upgrade from last week. As Silver laughs and attacks Gray more, taunting him and tormenting him, Gray stands back up in denial to let Silver win this fight and goes into the pose of Iced Shell.

Girls love it when Ki-su uses his big staff to thrust at them...Hehehe. 

Of course, Silver thinks Gray is bluffing and doesn't seem intimidated because this would mean Gray would kill himself. As Silver claims that his Ice Slayer Magic will defeat the Iced Shell, Gray powers up and Silver gets appropriately scared. His attack on Gray only reveals it was an ice clone, and Gray is actually behind him and prepared to do this for his family and Ur.

Substitution no Jutsu!

Speaking of family, this is when Gray starts to get flashes to everybody in the Guild, Lyon, Ultear and Ur. (A special mention goes to Juvia who Gray seems to think of most so...yay!) As Gray says his apologies, it looks like he activates Iced Shell but it's revealed to be a trick by another ice clone and Gray has moved again. He takes out what appears to be a steel ball that he got from the ruins of the palace around them, and he uses his Ice Maker Magic to throw it with a massive claw of ice, going right through Silver.

That's right, Gray! You should say sorry to her! She loves you, damn it!

And now for the really odd scene. Silver has fallen, he is defeated and such. Gray then suddenly walks over to Silver and reveals he knows that Silver is not Deliora, but is in fact the real Silver Fullbuster! And the chapter ends with that cliffhanger! So for all of you unable to keep up, Silver Fullbuster lied and told Gray he was Deliora! So in the end, we got the plot twist we wanted but was obvious but we also got a plot twist we didn't expect which was also a lie which is a plot twist itself and... That's pretty impressive actually.

So, the options to defeat Silver were:
A) Kill yourself using a supremely dramatic way that would only trap him
B) Get help from one of the many many characters that don't use ice attacks
C) Throw a ball at him

Overall, good chapter and a lot more memorable than last week. Short-haired Wendy is on her way to help the others again, Gray seems to have defeated Silver and Silver is actually Silver, not Deliora. Obviously, that last plot twist is the big part of this week and it does make sense too, since the big question was "How did Deliora get Silver's corpse?". I thought it was a plothole mistake that Kishimoto is infamous for making but Hiro Mashima really got me this time. So well done to him!

This twist definitely beats the Kaguya in Naruto twist, but I don't know if it beats the Ichigo's Mother in Bleach twist.
If I had a complaint, it's that the 3 vs 3 fight is losing some flair and sparkle. Hopefully, now that Silver is going down, we'll see more of those 2 teams very soon.

On a side note, one of my favourite moments of Fairy Tail is when they don't go for that stupid "I need to die to make everything right" idea that so many other series go for. If there's a way to live, they go for it and that's how it should be. Too many fans are obsessed with death, especially in the Naruto fandom right now, so it's good to have a series that wants the opposite.

Manga Rating: 4/5

Character of the Week: Gray for defeating Silver and for revealing a plot twist inside a plot twist.

Predictions: It will be mostly a flashback as Silver reveals his reasons for pretending to be Deliora. My guess is that Silver somehow caused Deliora to attack the village and get Gray's mother killed, so Silver felt enormous guilt and wanted Gray to defeat him in battle. (Maybe there is a larger threat coming up that Gray needs to be stronger for?) Also, I do hope this means that Gray can use Demon Slayer Magic. I know that's unlikely but it would be interesting.

Best Part: This whole time, Silver was Silver!

Worst Part: Was Ki-su's scene even needed?

What is Natsu doing with his fingers? That really bugs me.

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