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Fairy Tail Chapter 407 Review - All for my Demise

Written by: Shiggins

Man... That one line of dialogue has really messed me up.

If you read the chapter this week, a few words should be ringing inside your head. "Exposition", "Theories" and "In-Between Chapter" were my biggest ones. It's a chapter you can't really hate because it's doing nothing but building up what's going to happen next, while distracting you with some small facts you were curious about.

"Forget the big fight and come see this cool thing I found!"

Makarov tells everybody that they need to return to the Fairy Tail Guild basement where Makarov currently is, except Elfman tells them that he's going to stay to help fight due to the fact he still feels guilty about the destruction of the Guild. Clearly, Elfman has more awesomeness to do in this arc which I majorly approve of but if he ends up going someplace I don't like, I'm breaking down Hiro Mashima's door with the power of "Man!"

Makarov: And in return... we'll give you Wendy!
Doranbolt: Fuck yes!
And now it's time for that line of dialogue I intrigued you with earlier. Makarov asks Doranbolt to come too and when the time comes, wipe the memories of everybody in the Guild and himself. I honestly keep thinking that one over and over in my head, trying to figure out what exactly just happened there. Does this mean Makarov is about to break a promise he made to Mavis? Commit a horrible act upon poor innocent Mavis? Or does Makarov just want to protect the view of her naked body from the perverts of the Guild?

Please tell me I'm not the only one who thought of this!
And if you want to know why Makarov is saying these words... Fuck you because dragons are fighting! Igneel and Acnologia are getting intense and I have to be honest, I am so excited for when the anime reaches to this point now. A beautiful shot of the moon and we're done with dragons for today.

Back to Mard Geer (yay...) who is trying to contact Kyouka but Kyouka is too busy fighting Erza. (Remember, this all happened during the fight against Erza, not after). Sting finally asks what Mard Geer is trying to do and Geer reveals that by destroying all magic, the seal on End's book will be removed.

"Doc, I think we've gone back in time!"
And then we get an interesting question: Why did Zeref create the demons? It turns out that, although the other demons never realised it, they all are obsessed with going back to Zeref because they want to kill him! Yes, Zeref is suicidal due to an immortal life and End was the masterpiece meant to be able to finish him off but somehow got sealed in the book.

Sorry but the series needs to explain a lot more to get away with that!
Suddenly, a huge flower bursts out the ground and begins attacking all three of them, which I suppose is Geer's way of leveling up his attacks. Suddenly, the flower is frozen and out steps Gray, giving Natsu his scarf back. (Credit goes to axlorg89 for guessing correctly!). Gray then freezes Geer's arm, prepared to kick some ass!

Opinion: As I said before, you can't hate it. Makarov has caused tons of theories to burst in my head, and Igneel fighting Acnologia against the moon is cheesy but awesome! Zeref being suicidal was something we already knew but it was good to hear it being a major part of this arc now. And not much else needs to be said this week.

So many potential arcs right in this one picture.

Manga Rating: 3/5

Character of the Week: Makarov for theory-spawning!

Predictions: Gray vs Mard Geer. Natsu won't be happy with this so he'll interfere, and the fight will be interrupted by Face's activation. And then Mavis will burst out and become Fairy Tail's version of Jesus.

Best Part: Why does Makarov want everybody's minds wiped?

Worst Part: Why does Makarov want everybody's minds wiped?!

Fantasy... This picture keeps me thinking about that word.

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  1. I've had this theory that Natsu is somehow connected to END since the time it was mentioned and this chapter made me think that i'm right. When Zeref and Natsu met for the first time, Zeref wanted Natsu to kill him and he obviously knew Natsu. If the demons live to kill Zeref then it makes sense that Natsu could somehow be one of them, his true nature sealed by the magic cast on the book. So if face does activate maybe we'll find out that Natsu's one of Zeref's demons, but that's just me speculating.

    1. Trust me, we all agree. The vast majority believe Natsu is End and we're all so convinced.

  2. I would like to point out that I read fairy tail manga volume 40 which contained fairy tail chapter 340 and the manga volumes english translation to mavis response to zeref saying that it will be a massacre/annihilation was of mavis telling zeref that the only one who will meet their end was you and zeref thought to himself that he feels that his and natsus battle is coming so that could be foreshadowing
    Plus zeref said that only natsu could kill him