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How Otaku Are You? A Quiz on School Rumble

Written By Platitude


All of the information used in this quiz is based upon the official translation of the School Rumble manga, published by Del Rey Manga up until the series was discontinued with volume 16. The information regarding volumes 17 through 22, along with School Rumble Z, are from online scanlations. Because the questions pertain to events from all volumes of the manga, readers who have yet to read, or are in the process of reading the series School Rumble should be wary of spoilers. The test becomes incrementally more difficult as it progresses. So, try to find a piece of paper and a pencil amongst the piles of food wrappers and other assorted pieces of detritus covering your desk and let's do this, bitches.

   (P.S. If you use Google at any point during the course of the test, you forfeit your given name and will forever be known as Anonymous McDimebag)

Micha actually allowed me to do this.


1. Who is the homeroom teacher of class 2-C?
    A. Tani Hayato
    B. Sasakura Yoko
    C. Katou-Sensei
    D. Kanesaki-Sensei

2. Which class is Tsukamoto Yakumo in?
    A. 2-A
    B. 1-C
    C. 1-D
    D. 3-B

3. What is the name of Ichijo Karen's Younger brother?
    A. Ichijo Togo
    B. Ichijo Raku
    C. Ichigo Kurosaki
    D. Ichijo Kosuke

4. Who is referred to as the "Hold-Back Sensei?"
    A. Ryu Nenji
    B. Ryu Nozumi
    C. Ryu Hiroyoshi
    D. Ryu Noboru

5. Who did Harima Kenji once refer to as "Mr. Pervert With Glasses?"
    A. Hanai Haruki
    B. Fuyuki Takeichi
    C. Suga Ryuhei
    D. Misawa Shin

6. Which foreign exchange student spoke with a stutter?
    A. Lala Gonzalez
    B. Mick
    C. Harry Mackenzie
    D. Samuel

7. Who plays Mangoku in the fictional television show Three for the Kill?
    A. Morisato Keichi
    B. Yakushimaru Koji
    C. Goto Genkai
    D. Yasumara Makoto

8. Who is nicknamed "Cone-Head?"
    A. Yoshidayama Jiro
    B. Karasuma Oji
    C. Hiroki Konishi
    D. Sagano Megumi

9. Who are the leaders of the "Three Erotic Kingdoms?"
    A. Yoshidayama Jiro and Nara Kentaro
    B. Nara Kentaro and Imadori Kyosuke
    C. Nishimoto Ganji and Fuyuki Takeichi
    D. Fuyuki Takeichi and Imadori Kyosuke

10. Who becomes the nurse of Yagami High?
    A. Osakabe Itoko
    B. Sasakura Yoko
    C. Anegasaki Tae
    D. Tawaraya Satsuki

11. Who is the Vice-Representative of class 2-C?
    A. Yuki Tsumugi
    B. Otsuka Mai
    C. Sara Adimeus
    D. Takano Akira

12. Who does Lala Gonzalez refer to as "Banana-Man?"
    A. Imadori Kyosuke
    B. Harima Kenji
    C. Hanai Haruki
    D. Nishimoto Ganji

13. Who has a powerful father that is involved with politics?
    A. Karasuma Oji
    B. Togo Masazaku
    C. Kawada Shinji
    D. Ladd Russo

14. What class were the "Glutton Triplets" from?
    A. 2-A
    B. 2-B
    C. 2-C
    D. 2-D

15. Who is part of the family that owns the Oragomi public baths facility?
    A. Ichijo Karen
    B. Yukino Mina
    C. Kinugawa Ayano
    D. Yurippe

16. Who is the captain of the Kikoku-Maru?
    A. Goto Yuzan
    B. Goto Gekai
    C. Otani
    D. Mayuri Shina

17. What is the name of Harima Kenji's pet frog, who is said to be "very inaccurate" at fortune-telling?
    A. Pyotr
    B. Napoleon
    C. Kuta
    D. Alexander

18. What is the G-Phantom's real name?
    A. Goro
    B. Goto
    C. Koro
    D. Kouta

19. What is the real name of Yagami High's physical education teacher?
    A. Goriyama
    B. Koriyama
    C. Rintaro Okabe
    D. Nakamura

20. Who in Tsukamoto Tenma's circle of friends sometimes goes out drinking with their father?
    A. Sawachika Eri
    B. Takano Akira
    C. Tsukamoto Tenma
    D. Suo Mikoto

21. What play did class 2-C perform during the cultural festival?
    A. Romeo and Juliet
    B. Sleeping Beauty
    C. Three Musketeers
    D. Beauty and the Beast

22. On which side did Kido Madoka play for in the Survival Game?
    A. The Cafe Army
    B. The Play Army
    C. The Swimsuit Wrestling Squad
    D. The Band Army

23. On which side did Yoshidayama Jiro play for in the Survival Game?
    A. The Cafe Army
    B. The Play Army
    C. The Swimsuit Wrestling Squad
    D. The Band Army    

24. Why did Harima Kenji jump off of a bridge in Volume two?
    A. He wanted to commit suicide
    B. He was trying to save Tsukamoto Tenma's cat
    C. He was attemptIng to impress Tsukamoto Tenma
    D. He felt like going for a swim.

25. Who was injured by Harima Kenji's pig, Napoleon, after he ran across the track during the athletics festival?
    A. Suga Ryuhei
    B. Hanai Haruki
    C. Imadori Kyosuke
    D. Shigeo Umezu

26. What did Togo Masazaku do that disqualified him from a figure skating tournament?
    A. He got into an argument with the judges
    B. He attacked an opposing team during their routine
    C. He performed by himself, even though it was a pairs tournament
    D. He sabotaged another skater's blades

27. Where did Tsukamoto Yakumo first encounter the "Little Girl Ghost?"
    A. The art room
    B. The gymnasium
    C. Class 1-D
    D. Class 2-C

28. Why was Togo Masazaku accused of cheating by Suga Ryuhei, Ishiyama, and Saito during a game of Mahjong?
    A. He was caught hiding tiles in his sleeves
    B. He achieved Tenho twice in a row
    C. He was caught peeking at Suga Ryuhei's tiles
    D. He stole one of Ishiyama's tiles.

29. What did Suzuki Masaru do to Yoshidayama Jiro after mistaking him for Sawachika Eri?
    A. He knocked him out and threw him in a dumpster
    B. He kidnapped him
    C. He apologized about inconveniencing him
    D. He tied him to a lamppost

30. What did Tsukamoto Tenma do that landed her in the local newspaper?
    A. She accidentally blew up Yagami High's chemistry lab
    B. She was accused of hacking into the United States' government databases
    C. She helped thwart a robbery attempt
    D. She saved Karasuma Oji from falling off a building

31. Who were the "Sorceress' Elite Guards" during the class play?
    A. Aso Hiroyoshi and Suga Ryuhei
    B. Aso Hiroyoshi and Imadori Kyosuke
    C. Suga Ryuhei and Imadori Kyosuke
    D. Imadori Kyosuke and Fuyuki Takeichi

32. Who did class 2-C's maid cafe begin to lose customers to during the cultural fair?
    A. Class 2-D
    B. The art club
    C. The chess team
    D. The tea club

33. What was the original title of class 2-D's photo album?
    A. Battle Boys: D-Team
    B. Suicide Punks: D-Team
    C. Supreme Warriors 2-DX
    D. Ultimate Soldiers: D-team

34. Why did Harima Kenji and Sawachika Eri go to Tokyo?
    A. They both fell asleep on the bullet train
    B. Harima Kenji's motorcycle broke down
    C. They were going to the grand opening of an oyster bar
    D. They were kidnapped by terrorists

35. What did Tsukamoto Yakumo paint on Harima Kenji's face after Sawachika Eri subbed him in to take the punishment for her loss in Hanetsuki?
    A. A beard and mustache
    B. An anime character
    C. A pig's snout
    D. A penis

36. How did Hanai Haruki end up in a "faraway land?"
    A. He stowed away on a fishing vessel
    B. He got onto the wrong plane flight
    C. He was blown away while attached to a kite
    D. He was on the run from the police

37. What type of comedy act did Hanai Haruki say he wouldn't become involved in?
    A. A satire
    B. Nininbaori
    C. Manzai
    D. A mockumentary

38. What type of ramen did Aso Hiroyoshi serve Suga Ryuhei?
    A. Pickled eggplant ramen
    B. Kimchi ramen
    C. Shiitake mushroom ramen
    D. Bean paste ramen

39. Who was supposed to play the groom at Tsukamoto Yakumo's "wedding," but couldn't come and was instead replaced by Hanai Haruki?
    A. Harima Kenji
    B. Nara Kentaro
    C. Nishimoto Ganji
    D. Aso Hiroyoshi

40. What type of car did the G-Phantom tell to "go home to their mama?"
    A. A Nissan GTR
    B. A Porsche 911
    C. A Ferrari 360
    D. An Acura NSX

41. Where did the G-Phantom say he and his car were sitting?
    A. The palm of the devil
    B. Satan's microwave oven
    C. The Death Phantom's rice cooker
    D. In the path of Dracula's gigantic, spiky death-wang

42. What kind of mask did Lala Gonzalez give a Jizo statue?
    A. A Rudo mask
    B. A Technico mask
    C. A Helado mask
    D. A Duwa mask

43. Who was said to have the blessings of "the Junior?"
    A. Samuel
    B. Max
    C. Willy
    D. Shawn

44. What was Tsukamoto Tenma's pen-name?
    A. Tsukamoto Ten-Ten
    B. Tezukamoto Tenma
    C. Amnet Otomakust
    D. Tezukamoto Ten-Ten

45. What kind of bicycle does Karasuma Oji ride?
    A. A Suteki
    B. A Mamichari
    C. A Tezukya
    D. A Miyata

46. In the "Short Road to Rumble" segment, what two types of rice were Sawachika Eri and Tsukamoto Tenma fighting over?
    A. Sasanishiki and Nishiki
    B. Sasanishiki and Koshihikari
    C. Sasanishiki and Mahatma
    D. Sasanishiki and Uncle Ben's

47. How many people did Iori swap minds with throughout the course of the series?
    A. 1
    B. 2
    C. 3
    D. 4

48. What is the name of Otsuka Mai's imaginary magical girl anime?
    A. Charm Warrior: MaiDream
    B. MaiDream: Charm
    C. Charmer: MaiDream
    D. Charm Up: MaiDream

49. Who was "on trial" in Hanai Haruki's imaginary future?
    A. Harry Mackenzie
    B. Harima Kenji
    C. Togo Masazaku
    D. Saito

50. Who was accused of being a masochist?
    A. Ishiyama
    B. Saito
    C. Suga Ryuhei
    D. Tanaka Kazuya

51. What is the chant of the Yagami Yabasumes football team?
    A. "Ya, Ya, Yabasumes!"
    B. "Ha, Ha, Yabasumes!"
    C. "Hi-ya, Hi-ya, Yabasumes!"
    D. "Sha, Sha, Yabasumes!"

52. What kind of festival did Lala Gonzalez say she was "still waiting for?"
    A. The festival when people "float fire"
    B. The festival where people "burn down some mountains"
    C. The festival where people "shock God"
    D. The festival where people "knock on Heaven's door"

53. What was Hanai Haruki given the title of while at the Curry Stadium?
    A. Curry nerd
    B. Curry king
    C. Curry professor
    D. Curry connoisseur

54. Which set of pistols did Harima Kenji use against Hanai Haruki during the last stage of the survival game?
    A. Two IMI Desert Eagle Mark VII's
    B. Two IMI Desert Eagle Mark I's
    C. Two Colt M1911 Government Mark IV Series 80's
    D. Two Colt M1991-A1's

55. What did Togo Masazaku "forget" in his delusions about becoming an Astronaut?
    A. A spacesuit
    B. A helmet
    C. An oxygen tank
    D. A pair of pants

56. Where did Togo Masazaku envision his "Space Marriages" to take place?
    A. "The sands of Mars"
    B. "The craters of the Moon"
    C. "The far-off galaxy of Andromeda"
    D. "By the light of Alpha Centauri"

57. Who's Itoko is Itoko?
    A. Hanai Haruki
    B. Takano Akira
    C. Fuyuki Takeichi
    D. Harima Kenji

58. In Volume Two, what does Harima Kenji say in order to avoid Osakabe Itoko?
    A. "Oh dear, look at this mess..."
    B. "Somebody put graffiti on this wall. What a bad person."
    C. "Who could have caused all of this trouble?"
    D. "Some mean person made a dent in this wall..."

59. What did a depressed Hanai Haruki get on his classics test?
    A. 22/100
    B. 6/100
    C. 0/100
    D. 13/100

60. According to Tsukamoto Tenma, which class made "particularly delicious" Takoyaki?
    A. Class 1-E
    B. Class 2-E
    C. Class 3-E
    D. Class 2-C

Bonus: Who is this?


1. A
    Tani Hayato is class 2-C's homeroom and English teacher.

2. C.
    Its peacefulness is at extreme odds with the absolute chaos that is 2-C...

3. D.
    Kosuke is Ichijo Karen's little brother, and is friends with Imadori Kyosuke.

4. A.
    Ryu Nenji first makes his appearance in chapter two of the manga, where he informs Harima Kenji of him being held back a grade. He later haunts Harima throughout volume 11, as an English test that he is woefully unprepared for is approaching.

He shall, now and forever, haunt your dreams...
5. B.
    Fuyuki Takeichi is the photographer of class 2-C, and uses his power to take voyeuristic photographs of the girls in Yagami High, which he then sells to his classmates. Harima Kenji referred to him as "Mr. Pervert With Glasses" while they were in the public baths, after Fuyuki complained about the males and females bathing separately.

6. D.
    Samuel, despite looking like the Afro Samurai, actually has a very gentle personality. His stutter meant that Tsukamoto Tenma mistook his name to be S-Samuel.

7. B.
    The Three for the Kill  is a historical drama that Harima Kenji and the Tsukamoto sisters watch religiously.

The show's title card.
8. D.
    Sagano Megumi is known as Cone-Head, due to the shape of her hair.

9. C.
    The "Three Erotic Kingdoms" is a pornography distribution ring headed by Nishimoto Ganji, who is known to his followers as "the Buddha."

Nishimoto Ganji attempting to act cool.

10. C.
    Anegasaki Tae, who cared for Harima Kenji in volume two of the manga, became the school nurse at around the time of the athletics fair. She is Tani Hayato's love interest.

You can play a fun drinking game by taking a shot for every nude Photoshop of this picture you can find online...

11. A. 
    While Otsuka Mai may be the actual female class representative of class 2-C, Yuki Tsumugi is her adviser and vice-representative.

Why are all Megane-Kos named Yuki?

12. A. 
    Imadori Kyosuke became Lala Gonzalez's arch-enemy after she crushed an apple in order to demonstrate her strength, to which Imadori responded by squishing a banana. It did not end well for him. 

Don't tempt her, Imadori...
13. B.
    His position is apparently important enough to necessitate the use of 13 body-doubles...

14. B.
    During the Horse Battle in volume 6, class 2-B's most powerful team consisted of an enormously fat set of triplets and a very small rider. Sagano Megumi likened them to Daruma Dolls.

This is a Daruma Doll, for your viewing pleasure.
 15. C.
    Kinugawa Ayano, also called Okinu, was originally introduced as "a female classmate that does track and field" when she was depicted operating the men's reception area at the public baths. However, she later is given a larger role in the story, and was an actor in class 2-C's play.

16. B.
    Goto Genkai is the massive, shirtless, and slightly abusive captain of the fishing boat the Kikoku-Maru. He looks like White-Beard from One Piece.

17. D. 
    Harima Kenji set up a fortune-telling stand while attempting to escape the shadow of his unrequited love, and used animals, including Alexander, to predict the futures of passers-by. Alexander's purported inaccuracy led to Harima nearly being strangled by Sawachika Eri.

18. A. 
    According to the translator's notes, this was intended to be a reference to the hit-man from Golgo 13, in both appearance and name.

19. B.
    Koriyama's name translates into "Ice Mountain," but he is constantly referred to as Goriyama by students, which means "Gorilla Mountain," due to his large stature and gruffness.

20. D. 
    This corresponds with her impressive ability to hold her liquor.

21. B.
    While the play itself was a complete mishmash of fairy-tale stereotypes, Takano Akira billed the play as Sleeping Beauty.

It also came with Yuri-licious poster. Courtesy of Takano Akira and Fuyuki Takeichi, of course.
22. A.
    Kido Madoka told her boyfriend Shigeo Umezu that she wanted to wear a maid costume bad enough to shoot him, who was on the side of the Play Army.

23. C.
    The swimsuit wrestling squad was created by Yoshidayama Jiro and Nishimoto Ganji, who also brought along an unwilling Nara Kentaro.

In the end, all they got was a cameo in the play...
24. B.
    Sadly, Harima Kenji was suffering from a case of Alopecia areata at the time, which caused Tsukamoto Tenma to believe him to be a Kappa, which pretty much shot down any chance of him proclaiming his love for her.

25. D.
    This did earn him a kiss from Kido Madoka though.

The true matchmaker of School Rumble?
26. C.
    More specifically, he performed what the commentator termed as "Fighting Moves."

27. A.
    Being a borderline narcoleptic, she fell asleep during her class and was forced to stay behind after school to finish her self-portrait. 

Why do all "ghostly" scenes have to be filled with bloom?
28. B. 
    Tenho occurs when one achieves the highest-scoring hand in Mahjong on the first draw, which is pretty much the equivalent of being dealt a royal flush in poker.

29. D.
    Yoshidayama Jiro was mistaken for Eri by the dim-witted maid of the Sawachika Family Suzuki Masaru because Yoshidayama typically puts his hair into a set of twin pigtails after bathing in order to dry it out. While walking home from the public baths, he is ambushed by Masaru, who then ties him up because his task is apparently "too confusing."

30. C. 
    She managed to do it with a bow and arrow, too.

See? Cosplay can be useful...
31. A.
    Dressed in dashing suits of armor, I might add.

32. D.
    This was probably because of the personalized services offered by the club, which included maid, police, and even Three for the Kill-themed "courses."

Of course this was one of the offerings...

33. B.
    No, I don't know what it means either.

34. C.
    Driven by their mutual hatred of shrimp, Sawachika Eri and Harima Kenji decide to take a trip to Tokyo in order to attend the grand opening of an oyster bar run by one of Sawachika Eri's friends.

This is how Harima Kenji sees people who eat shrimp. He should probably talk to a psychologist.

35. A.
    Interestingly, Jin Kobayashi, the creator of School Rumble, followed suit and appeared at a few conventions with his own fake moustache and beard.

This makes me think that the series may be a self-insert fanfiction...
36. C.
    This occurred during New Year's celebrations, in which both Hanai Haruki and Harima Kenji were goaded into a fistfight by Takano Akira and Osakabe Itoko while playing battle kites... as the kites. Near the end of the scuffle, Hanai instructed Akira to pilot him into a position in which he could unleash his "ultimate attack," but this resulted in the string attached to Hanai's kite breaking, blowing him out to sea.

37. C.
    A Manzai act is a type of comedy sketch that involes a "straight man" and an "angry guy," in which the latter becomes increasingly pissed off by an event, a process that is typically perpetuated by the other character. The most familiar example of this type of comedy is probably best shown by Abbot and Costello's Who's on First? routine.

38. A.
    This was more than likely Aso Hiroyoshi's passive-aggressive method of indicating to Suga Ryuhei to stop banging on about the two of them being the "perfect combination" by blending their parents' business products into a single, disgusting dish.

39. D.
    Aso was originally invited to play the part by Sara Adimeus, who is his part-time work partner.

40. B.
    ... Then he gets his ass handed to him by two schoolteachers in an Acura.

41. C.
    "I can't even laugh at my own joke, damn it!"
    - The G-Phantom, legendary street racer and idiot

42. B.
    More specifically, it was one of her father's masks.

It looked something like this.
43. D.
    "The Junior" refers to being the offspring of the chairman of some type of organization.

44. A.
    Well, it's better than her sister's (once-mentioned fake) pen-name Tezukamoto Yakumo.

Tsukamoto Yakumo in her Tezukamoto-Sensei form.
45. B.
    A Mamichari refers to a traditional Japanese bicycle with only a single gear, which makes it extremely difficult to maintain high speeds.

Of course, even just one measly gear is no way to slow down the power of love...
46. B.
    The alternative caption consisted of guttural noises such as "uhho" and "munmun!"

47. C.
    Namely, with Sagano Megumi's grandmother, Tsukamoto Tenma, and Tsukamoto Yakumo.

48. D.
    Oddly, reality was blurred later on in the series in which a flashback showed a young Otsuka Mai watching the same show that ostensibly was part of her imagination when it first appeared in Volume Nine.

49. B.
    Hanai Haruki is shown to be accusing Harima of going on a "lengthy crime spree," and advocating for him to be punished with a "lifetime of hard labor."

50. B.
    This is brought up after Saito informs his friends that he is in love with Kinugawa Ayano, who Suga claims to be "an S, if you ask me. Probably VERY S."

Her? A sadist?
51. D.
    The Yabasumes are described as "the born-loser team that is the pride of Yagami."

52. B.
    Lala is probably referring to the Daimonji Gozan Okuribi Festival, in which fires are lit on five hills around Kyoto. This celebration was also depicted in a story arc of Case Closed: Detective Conan.

53. C.
    Hanai Haruki appears to have experience in the field of curry, after encouraging Tsukamoto Tenma, Suo Mikoto, and Sawachika Eri to try white chocolate curry. which they heartily enjoyed.

54. A.
    They were more than likely later models due to their barrel length and two-tone finish. Interestingly, the anime version of School Rumble references the film Equilibrium by having the weapons and magazines pop out of Harima's sleeves. Earlier in the battle, he also used an FN P90 and a M16 assault rifle with an M203 underbarrel grenade launcher.

55. B.
    Well, you do look like more of a douche-bag without a helmet... 

56. C.
   Well, you do look like more of a douche-bag when you get married in space...

57. D.
    "Itoko" is the name Osakabe Itoko typically goes by, but it also means "cousin."

58. D.
    I'm pretty sure Itoko's an "S."

59. B.
    Hanai Haruki's depression stemmed from his misconception that Harima Kenji and Tsukamoto Yakumo were dating.

60. A.
    Of course, this could have been a mistranslation, as Tenma, who informed the readers of this, was speaking the "Duwa" language at the time.

    The picture is of Saeko, who is occasionally referred to as "Killer Trap" or "the Witch," due to her unashamedly brash methods of flirting with any male for her own personal gain, including the otherwise unpopular Hanai Haruki.


Now, add up your answers, and feel free to post your score down in the comments section. People who lie about their score will be shot on sight, and their family will be charged for the price of the bullet.

Thanks for taking the quiz! Or, you could have just scrolled all the way down to the bottom of the article. Either way, thank you for at least taking the time to look through this thing...

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