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Magi 247th Night Review

Written by: Micha

This chapter is my porn. From start to finish. It really is. You can get some authentic Magi goodness from this one.

In this chapter, Hakuryuu, Judar, and their army are in the capital, attacking Gyokuen. The army at the capital starts losing their shit seeing Hakuryuu lead a revolt, and so does Hakuryuu’s army but because their bloodlust was being manipulated. Hakuryuu, who is still under the influence of Phenex’s magic, comes face to face with Kouen’s generals.

The generals refuses to let Hakuryuu and Judar pass, and Hakuryuu tells them to move and also that they didn’t understand who the real enemy of their empire was. The generals catches him off guard by admitting that they did know whom their country’s source of misery was. And whom had killed their eternal master.

But they were retainers of Kou Empire, and they would prevent it from being divided in to two.

They also have a Gandalf moment in here.
This is when Hakuryuu does some shit with his mind, which left the generals in a stupefied mode. Hakuryuu and Judar then finally comes face to face with Gyokuen, who is guarded by thousands of Al Thamen members. Hakuryuu screams that he was here to kill her, to which Gyokuen orgasms and so do I.

Gyokuen congratulates Hakuryuu for being able to make it with his body’s current state, and it was proof that his desire to kill her was genuine. But she wonders what he will do about their difference in war power, which I’m guessing was a reference to how big her army was compared to hers. She turns to leave, but was stricken by her own Al Thamen members.

Judar got excited and gave her the finger. The Al Thamen members started chanting that they will kill Ren Gyokuen, and the traitor and enemy of the organization. This is when Hakuryuu explains his plan he had cooked up before. Since the Al Thamen clones shared rukh, Hakuryuu casted Belial’s magic on the two clones he had let go. And these rukh infested with Belial’s magic were distributed among the clones without Gyokuen noticing.

Oh, Judar, you fill me with life.

And since the clones had a simpler body than normal human beings, it made the job easier for him to rewrite their memories. Judar then again gives her the finger saying that they turned her puppets against her.

But when they thought Gyokuen was done for, she rises up with her evil ass get up and kills her Al Thamen members, which turned them in to dolls. It seems that she was not hurt one bit, all thanks to her borg which surprises Judar.

Gyokuen says that it was a magic from a little girl she was fond of in the past, referring to Sheba. Judar goes nuts and starts shooting magic at her, which was combined with Hakuryuu’s Zagan magic and spear fighting. Hakuryuu raises his hands, which I’m guessing was for Djinn equip, and was interfered again by Phenex.

Regardless, Judar combines his eighth magic (Life Magic) with Hakuryuu’s Metal Vessel which is just perfect because his Zagan power is also Life Magic. Gyokuen comments that the gesture was so touching, as a king and his magi. And then she absorbs all of Judar’s black rukh causing Hakuryuu to lose the power up as well.

I'm guessing Gyokuen is shipping these two as well.
Gyokuen then crosses her hands and tells Judar that he was a thousand years too early to steal “that person’s” magic from her. And then, her hands grew the size of fucking watermelons and ravages the place with her black rukh.

Kids, back in my day, we call these yaoi hands.

Judar acknowledges that she was strong as she looked down upon them with the sexiest face.

My thoughts on this chapter:

What can I say. I'm a total sucker for this woman. This chapter was a religious experience. I feel like I'm watching a Tarantino movie. Actually, a fight with Gyokuen is a religious experience. Especially when she mentioned her god, Ill-Ilah. And when she mentioned Ill-Ilah today, it brought out the Arba in her which I missed so, so, so much. 

I'm not entirely sure what is so attractive about her religious nature, but maybe because it's the devotion and psychopathic feelings that brings it about. This is what I love most about David and Arba. Even though they both showed their love for Ill-Ilah differently as Arba didn't like what David was doing to Ill-Ilah's rukh, they are like fucking sociopaths when it comes to their Gods. They make great villains.

Speaking of Gyokuen, it is mysterious to me how she is able to use her Divine Staff. By logic, she shouldn't be able to do so since the Divine Staves lost their power with Solomon's apotheosis. So I'm going to stick to my theory of Judar using a Divine Staff, back when he invaded the political summit. The essence of it is that you can use Divine Staves as long as you can manipulate black rukh. The black rukh is pretty much the will of Ill-Ilah, which would aid in activating the Divine Staff. But this of course, is just my theory. 

Hakuryuu also revealed his plan, which was a bit contrary to what I had thought at first. But that's okay. It's still a great plan, and highly doubted that he had it in him. Chapter after chapter, Hakuryuu seems to be proving me wrong. I am clearly underestimating him. I commend him for coming this far, and with Phenex on top of his head and what not.

But the question is, how did he do it? How did he pull this off? We all know he is going to succeed since this is a flashback, but I highly doubt both Judar and Hakuryuu has the physical or magical capability to oppose Gyokuen. And with Gyokuen sucking the life out of Judar's black rukh, they are at a disadvantage. They have to use some clever tactic to kill this woman. Otherwise, she's gonna wipe the floor with them.

There isn't much to say in this chapter, though. This chapter was mostly full of action and giant panels of pretty, pretty pictures. But this is one of my favorite chapters so far, after the chapter about David's prophetic book.

Chapter rating:

Arba, you never disappoint.


This beautiful face!

This is the face you make before you kill your son. 

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