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Kuroshitsuji Chapter 99 Review - That Butler, Frenzy

Written by Shiggins

I think I'm finally realising why people are attracted to uniforms...

As you may remember, Ciel was giving the audience a cruel cliffhanger last week where it looked like he was going to "off" the newest character Sullivan in the worst way possible. A tiny gun to her head, staring coldly into her eyes as he gives her a choice of life or death. Ciel tells her about how, if she refuses to use her genius, she may as well die.

"Give me your hand! Take my hand! Don't you let go! Don't let go... REACH!"

Due to Ciel's clever manipulative techniques of persuasion, he brings up how Sullivan created a poison to hurt people which should also mean she could create a medicine to heal people. He even manages to use the word "magic" in it, the sly git. And with such a challenge given to her, Sullivan declares she wants to live! (Thank fuck!)

I bet he's gonna say that again before the chapter is over.

As Sullivan takes Ciel's hand to get up, (does that count as shipping-evidence? No? Too bad!), we get to see Sebastian himself who hasn't moved an inch yet. As Professor Sullivan, the random hag-like woman of stupidity, is dragged away to "safety", the false werewolves advance on Sebastian. Sebastian begins to use kitchenware to fight the werewolves, but since they are so strong he just focuses on smashing their heads in.

Oh gee. I can't see this going badly for them whatsoever...

At this point, you're probably wondering why they still have the silly wolf heads on. That's because they work as gas masks, which come in handy when they try to kill Sebastian with mustard gas but that fails as Sebastian just smiles and steps out of the gas like a badass.......and then he kills them all. I know that was weird of me to just say that but it's literally as quick as that. We don't see it, or even know exactly what he did. Shame really. I like my blood.

"That wasn't very nice. I do believe you have killed my cuff-links".

Meanwhile, the hag-lady who I am going to keep calling hag-lady because she is a hag-lady, is trying to get away with Sulin when Sebastian appears behind her and kills her boy scout werewolf. To her confusion, the alarm goes off behind her which detects poisonous gas. This is because Sebastian swallowed some gas and is now giving it back to her.

This could be so romantic... if he wasn't currently filling her lungs with murdering gas.

We then get a flashback to when Sebastian was dressing Ciel earlier (because it's just so sexy to see, am I right?), where Ciel is telling the butler to erase all the formulas of the chemical which would make this entire arc almost completely pointless, except for the inclusion of Sullivan and maybe some Finny drama (although that kinda disappeared, huh?). Ciel also says he'll give Sebastian as much freedom as he likes to go wild.

Told you.

As Sebastian uses fire and demon shit to destroy the room, Sebastian has a bit of interesting dialogue. He tells himself, and us, that he actually enjoys playing the butler for Ciel as that's part of the game. Has Sebastian grown attached perhaps? If so, fangirls and I must control ourselves. And then Sebastian burns the fuckers to the ground.

We then get to see our funny supporting cast of servants as they finally catch up to Ciel and they start their retreat plan, which involves splitting into two teams. And we now go back to the maids of Sullivan, who are panicking and Wolfram manages to convince "Major" Hilde Dickhaut to keep calm and they now need to recapture little Sullivan. The other two maids are also revealed to be squad captains... Alright then.

Anybody else really want Snake to fight the big-boobed maid because of that one time...

After some extremely annoying vague words such as "the new weapon" and "that", Hilde puts on the uniform and prepares to give chase. If Sullivan escapes the forest, she is to be killed.

Opinion: Not much of a set-up to be honest...

First of all, Sebastian got to be awesome again. I think it's an unspoken law that when Sebastian goes to kill a bunch of people, it easily becomes the highlight of the chapter and makes everything else seem almost boring.

For fun, I Googled the effects of mustard gas and discovered something fun. Mustard gas is not that fast-acting. So all these boils and stuff should technically be impossible right now, since it takes at least hours for the side-effects to appear.....I just ruined a lot there, didn't I?

Oooh. Guten Tag to you, m'am!

Sullivan survives! We all knew it was probably going to happen like that anyway, but I am so glad it's a definite for now. I love this writer so I need her to have Elizabeth meet Sullivan and the two grow a rivalry over Ciel. I need it. Badly.

If I had to say anything I'm not enjoying about this chapter, and the recent chapters actually, it would be the villains right now. Wolfram interests me because I know he's feeling bad about all this so his morals are conflicting with his duty but three random women we saw in one chapter are now in charge and it feels too silly for me to take seriously. Especially since I know that none of them are actually a challenge for Sebastian, which is what makes the Undertaker and Grell interesting villains. I'm not feeling like there is a huge threat right now so unless "that weapon" is a Shinigami or angel wrapped up in chains, I doubt that's going to change much.

Manga Rating: 3.5/5

Character of the Month: Sebastian for yet another beautiful massacre.

Predictions: Chapter 100! Wolfram is going to finally catch up to Sullivan but decides he wants to be free with her, and Sebastian is going to wipe out Hitler's Angels because they have no chance in Hell of winning this fight. And since I know the writer, Yana Toboso, loves yaoi and fanservice, we should be expecting (or in Tumblr's case, hoping) something involving that next month too.

Best Part: Once again, Sebastian proved he is one hell of a butler.

Worst Part: Our only villains are some female soldiers, one of whom has done nothing but been felt up by Snake's big snake. (No pun intended).

Extra points go to Yana Toboso for this hugely appropriate cover.

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