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Fairy Tail Zero Chapter 5 - A Moonlit Lake

Written by: Shiggins


Nope, nope, nope, nope, nope, nope, nope, nope, nope, nope! I don't want to review this one! I don't want to ever read it again! I don't want to even want to remember it! I know that different people and different countries so the rules are somewhat different and the age of consent is a lot lower in Japan but... You know what? I don't need to say why I don't want to look at this. I'm just gonna let you see for yourself.


If you're still reading this review after seeing that picture (or reading this review BECAUSE of that picture, you perverted...), this... interesting chapter begins with the group of travelers on their way to Magnolia and deciding to set up camp. The five all split up to do different tasks, with Precht being the only one who made me giggle.

"Say hi to Bambi's mother for me"
We then see the group round a fire, trading stories and having a laugh. It's all nice and comforting and to be honest, I actually really liked this scene because it made the characters feel more like actual characters that can just talk and share moments together. I enjoy relatable moments like this. The Tenrou Jade is mentioned again, and Mavis reminds Yuriy that she won't allow them to have the Jade later.

Yes. Those funny eyes are clearly trustworthy.
Interestingly, Warrod was about to say something about himself as if revealing a dark secret, but Mavis interrupts him and says she can trust them because of their eyes. (I feel bad for her now considering Precht's future...). This is when she realises Zeira is gone and runs off to find her, and it turns out only Yuriy cares about getting the Jade anymore and the other two want to just let Mavis have it because they're friends now.

Woah! Zeira has the power to suddenly turn into manliness!
Mavis catches up to Zeira and the two have a nice chat together about how it's rare for them to see new people and how Zeira is thankful Mavis saved her that day when they were 7 years old. The two are actually having quite a romantic moment to be fair, and it's... it's pretty nice. I can't deny it. They're best friends and Zeira wants to help out by learning magic from Mavis so they can protect each other.

Downhill! Get it? It's funny because it's true!
Then it all goes downhill, literally. Zeira rolls down a hill, strips naked and the two have fun together, ending with Zeira giving Mavis a hugely personal hug from behind and that seems to be how we end this night. After that, we skip forward to the characters finally arrive in Magnolia but they are in shock at the sight of a huge dragon skeleton and ruined buildings.

Opinion: How am I meant to keep defending Fairy Tail from close-minded assholes if you shove naked 13 year old girls at me, Hiro Mashima?!

You know, out of context, this picture could look hilariously creepy. Look at Mavis' expression there!
Zeira is a lesbian. Fair enough, makes sense I suppose. She'd probably never even seen another man for 7 years before Yuriy arrived and Mavis is a great person so feelings would and should develop but... but this is a bit too much. If you want to make fanservice happen, fine but please use somebody older. She's 13 years old and she looks like she's trying to entice me in half this chapter.

Wait so... Fairies actually do exist in this series?
That being said, the romance is actually lovely. Once you get past the nudity, this scene could be considered extremely revealing (pun intended) and the idea of Zeira kicking ass later is something I kinda want to see. Do I ship Mavis and Zeira together? Yes I do but that all depends on how Zeref and Mavis are together. If this series is setting up a love triangle, I'm going to be intrigued. If not, huge wasted opportunity.

Oh yeah. There's also something about a dragon here. I'm not sure if the dragon skeleton is moving or not, so I'm unsure what to really think about it.
Yuriy is obsessed with this Tenrou Jade now, but that might just be because he loves a competition. I am getting strange images of him ending up like Boromir from Lord of the Rings, and a heartbreaking struggle between Mavis and Yuriy could be coming up in the future of this prequel. Could this relate to Mavis' death/freezing?

Warrod doesn't think Mavis should trust them. If I had to guess why, I'd say it's because these three are actually part of a Dark Guild of Treasure Hunters and although they are good people, they've done bad things in the past. If this is the case, I'd personally love to see it develop into something tragic yet brilliant. 

Manga Rating:

Character of the Month: Zeira for her big speeches, her new motive and for coming out to the readers. (Even if she did need to flash us to get her point across)

Predictions: Zeref was here and we're about to get a nice conversation with him. Could Zeira's death be about to occur? Probably not but a "big twist" is next month so we can only wonder...

Best Part: That dragon skeleton at the end.

Worst Part: I almost saw the bare bosom of a 13 year old, which is something I don't want to see. Ever.

You're 13 years old! Stop showing your ass like that to me, Zeira!!!!

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  1. W-Wait... Did that Fairy not have a tail?

    When I finished reading this chapter I thought this: Oh the tsukkomis are going to have a field day with this (On Mangahere because it allows you to comment on the page/panels) Also, I don't think Zeira is lesbian, rather sisters (Ok, I know sisters don't do that but it's hard to imagine them as a couple with Mavis saying 'best friend' thing)

    I'm still believing that Zeira is a ghost/illusion unless I see Zeira have a conversation with someone fully with the treasure hunters (Without Mavis's guidance of course)

    Chapter was alright for me, my favorite character being a tie with Precht and Mavis. I also hope we look more into Warrod for a bit.

    1. Aaah but maybe the tail is very small. ;-)

      I hope I don't count as one of these "tsukkomi". I'm usually quite cheerful.

      It is manga so I suppose it's possible but this chapter has ensured me shipping the two of them together. The way they talked, the way she held him, the moonlight, the nudity... It was almost fanfiction.

      Zeira might be a ghost, yeah but I'm not sure anymore. Right now, I'm just avoiding the subject and hoping I can say "told you so" in a few weeks time... even though everybody suspects it. In fact, the real plot twist would be keeping her alive at this point.

      I can see why. Precht is amazing and Mavis is cute as a button. For me, I'm more interested in Yuriy since I'm curious to see how he develops, but Warrod is a lot of fun too. Especially since we know he'll be a Wizard Saint one day.