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Fairy Tail Chapter 408 Review - Absolute Demon

Written by: Shiggins

I'm surprised that I'm surprised.

Despite all the madness and tragedy of losing Naruto this week, you should hopefully still remember that Fairy Tail is here. (Join us, Naruto fans. We're nice people...haha...). Anyway, last week Gray appeared suddenly for his fight with Mard Geer, possessing the power to face him head-on with Natsu and everybody else appropriately surprised.

Our series might not have ninjas or pirates but don't underestimate Fairy Tail or you'll end up regretting it!

The two trade blows but Gray freezes everything Geer throws at him, with Geer also remarking how he knew Silver would somehow betray him one day. (Maybe you should have dealt with him then...idiot.) And much to my delight, Gray starts slamming Geer hard with ice and Geer actually does feel proper pain.

Damn, that felt good!!!
This is when I got oddly surprised. A man appears to defend Mard Geer from Gray's sword attack, and to everybody's shock, it's Jiemma! The former Guildmaster of Sabretooth, Minerva's abusive father and just a huge asshole in general! It turns out Jiemma gave himself to Tartaros and is now the second-strongest demon of the entire Guild!

.......*snicker* I'm sorry! It's just... that hairstyle is so silly.
After vowing to destroy Mard Geer later, Jiemma runs forward to take down the Dragon Slayers. After clashing with Natsu, he tosses Natsu away and expresses his desire to take down only Sting and Rogue. Sting and Rogue, despite being usually afraid of him, manage to fight forward and attack him with all their strength.

Sting: .....Parlay?
So with Sting and Rogue no longer in the main fight, Geer's wounds start to heal as his body starts to transform into the Etherios form he had not activated in a long time. And thus, the Demon King shows his true form. (Finally!). Natsu and Gray don't hesitate and the "final battle" begins.

You know what's funny? That is exactly how his final form should look.
Opinion: So Jiemma is a demon now. Considering his morals and personality, this makes 100% sense since he always was a dickhead. He believed in power and nothing else and every appearance he has ever made proved that. On the other hand, it's very random to bring him in during the final battle like this without much foreshadowing. I don't disapprove though. I'm just confused why Mashima waited so long to bring him in.

Geer's final form is, honestly, fairly cool. It's exactly how it should look, even keeping his magnificent hair along with it. Sure, it looks nowhere near as cool as the demon-bat-form of Ulquiorra but this demon-bat is memorable enough. And it'll be great to see Natsu and Gray fight against him.

Manga Rating: 3.5/5

Character of the Week: Jiemma for easily being the biggest surprise of this chapter, yet doing it in a way that sticks to his character. (Unlike his daughter...)

Predictions: We're going to focus on Sting and Rogue, and I'm expecting more trips to Flashback Land so we can see how Sting and Rogue met, and maybe how they ended up joining Sabretooth in the first place. Then they'll hold hands and smile at each other before blasting Jiemma away for being a prick. Oh and I'm predicting right now that somehow, Minerva appears and talks to daddy.

Best Part: Mard Geer getting smacked around.

Worst Part: Sting and Rogue are no longer fighting Mard Geer.

Must... Resist... Perverted... Joke...

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