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Fairy Tail Chapter 409 Review - Bond of Black and White

Written by: Shiggins

Like the Flash in bed, that was way too fast.

With Mecha-Bat Mard Geer spreading his wings, the battle begins as Natsu and Gray charge forward. To my huge disappointment, Mard uses more thorns but this time they are black which instantly makes them stronger because they are black. Of course, the powers of flame and ice just fight back against this until Mard Geer flies up in the air, taking the duo with him, and using the area around them to try to tear them apart.

This combination shows true love.

Back to Jiemma because he is so clearly the most interesting character ever, he's winning against Sting and Rogue with his bare fists. As expected, Jiemma is the reason Minerva was dragged into all of this and he's once again disappointed in how weak Minerva is which is finally making me relate to him a little. Although for some reason, they keep treating Jiemma like he's a bad guy for saying those words when I've been saying them for weeks now...

Jiemma wouldn't have allowed this type of shit in his Guild!

Jiemma then expresses his dissatisfaction at how Sting and Rogue have turned Sabretooth into a nice, friendly guild with laughter and jokes and... why am I on Jiemma's side right now? With Sting and Rogue giving a speech about how they want to stand by their allies like Fairy Tail does, which will make them truly strong and blah blah blah you know all this already.

The two of them would make wonderful butlers.

As Jiemma mocks them further, Sting and Rogue express how lucky they feel to have met Fairy Tail, which is basically the Messiah of Guilds now, and how they'll show Jiemma that you can't win battles alone. And the duo use an admittedly awesome unison-raid attack on Jiemma and defeat him. With that attack, all three of the fighters collapse which leaves everything to Natsu and Gray.

Opinion: Like I said earlier, it was fast. And furious.

Jiemma has gotten somewhat more interesting due to actually being angry and crazed now, although he doesn't quite fit the role of "memorable". As expected, he seems to only be here to remove Sting and Rogue and allow them to give a dramatic speech but I am holding out hope that Jiemma has another role to play in this arc that is NOT "Minerva, I'm sorry".

*begins kicking her harshly until she cries more*

Which reminds me of something. With Jiemma down, does that mean the only obstacles left are Mard Geer, the Face bombs and a mushroom version of Franmalth? If so, this arc needs to either end very soon or something huge needs to occur to get the tension back up to maximum levels again.

Why is he so surprised? Sting easily kicked his ass last time and he was just mad.

Mard Geer is surprisingly against emotions of any kind and I am starting to wonder if there is a real reason for this or he is just hateful. Has Mard Geer suffered in the past because of his emotions? Is he suffering right now? What if Mard Geer doesn't want to kill Zeref because he views Zeref like a father, and his removal of emotions is his way of making sure he completes this goal?

We also saw a glimpse of Erza today, all bloodied and still standing despite the laws of physic and common sense telling her she should be dead at the very least. This is actually good to see though because it shows us that this fight cannot last long, due to the fact that Face is about to activate. Will the activation of Face signal the return of Mavis? Will Jiemma do something when Face is activated, like explode suddenly or try to take over the world?

Manga Rating: 3/5

Predictions: Next week, the main focus will be Mard Geer who will do all he can to fight his emotions and defeat the two of them. And then Face will activate, And then we'll get a big shocking twist or Mavis will appear or... something.

Best Part: That awesome final attack.

Worst Part: Jiemma might be gone now.


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