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Opinions on Naruto Ending Complilation Part 2.

Written by: Micha

Wouldn’t it be great if you didn’t have to see my bitchy opinions on the Naruto ending in this compilation? And yet here you are, stuck with me. I will try not to be harsh in this review as I’m known to be quite a pain in the ass when it comes to Kishimoto. I have bashed criticized Kishimoto quite a lot, mostly on this very blog, but it’s just an accurate representation of the whole of Naruto fandom.

And honestly, I quite liked the ending. Well, half of the ending. But we’ll get to that later.

Chapter 699:

I won’t explain each and every panel like in a normal review. Our Naruto reviewer has done that for us already. I will just highlight the key points that I feel are necessary to point out.

Firstly, this chapter is very good. Very, very good. Even the first page got me chills. I’ve always had a soft spot for symbolism in writing, but you know what else I’ve got a soft spot for? Gore. Naruto and Sasuke getting their hands severe and connected by blood was something that happened in Chapter 698, so I guess that doesn’t really count as something that happened in this chapter.

But have you seen them lying like that on Hashirama and Madara’s hand statues? Now that’s a symbolism of peace. Mixed with gore! My vagina can’t catch a break on this stuff.

I'm wet.
After that, Team 7 came together where Sakura heals both Sasuke and Naruto and graciously loses whatever dignity she had left while she was at it. I know there’s been some misconception among the readers that I like Sakura because I hated Hinata. But trust me. Sakura is no better.

Sakura has a knack for ruining her image every chapter she is shown, which is not a lot. However, in this chapter, Sakura accepting Sasuke’s apology without a second thought was a nail in the coffin. And you’d think they’ll build her a coffin, but wait till you read later in this review where Kishimoto buries her character alive.

But one thing that bugs me is that Sakura gets hate for liking Sasuke and overlooking his rude ass personality, but Naruto doesn’t get the same treatment for doing the exact same thing. Compared to Naruto, Sasuke doesn’t even interact much with Sakura much less than to treat them horribly for chasing him after he went rogue. Even before he went rogue.

But that’s the power of mainstream hate, I guess. I should know. I’m a promoter of it.

Another thing I did not like about this chapter is how rushed it was. They gave two panels per person, and I do understand that Kishi don’t have the time nor panel space to detail every character he has ever created. But I do get upset when he treats some of the characters poorly.

Orochimaru, for instance. What in god’s name have they done to the best villain in this entire manga? With the emergence of people like Madara, Obito, and Kaguya as villains in Naruto, Orochimaru got completely sidelined. Which was alright because he was dead, but then he got resurrected. And what was the point of bringing him back to the series if all Kishi was going to do was for him to serve the purpose of summoning back the Hokages for Sasuke?

I do not like what they have done to Orochimaru. Complete mistreatment, and ruining of the image of a brilliant villain. I expected this sort of thing from Hiro Mashima, not KIshimoto. But I’m hoping that Orochimaru will be in the sequel to amend this jackassery considering we will have a bunch of little kids for him to molest.

We also got an inner monologue of Sasuke, which has been happening a lot recently. It’s a good thing, though. We all knew Sasuke was going to get some sense beaten in to him, quite literally. And to hear his side of his friendship with Naruto is a great thing, because before it was always Naruto who was the one chasing him and telling him he was his best friend. It’s good to finally confirm that Sasuke felt the same way about him. Otherwise, this story will be real awkward for Naruto.

And lastly, we come to the part where Sasuke was leaving for his world exploration or whatever weird shit he’s in to. I don’t even take anything he says seriously anymore. What I (and the rest of the fandom) want to highlight is after everything that had happened, Sakura asks Sasuke if he would take her with him.

Nah, she doesn’t wanna stay and serve the village that would definitely need her medical skills during this very difficult time since she’s one of the best in there. And instead of becoming an independent strong person, she just wanna run away with a hotshot Uchiha.

Have you no dignity, woman?

Buried alive.

And this isn’t even the worst part. Sasuke rejects her offer which just makes her look like a piece of shit. It’s like the writer is doing this on purpose. And I know you must be thinking of the forehead poke thing Sasuke did to her, which I believe is just sugar coating with Sasuke-Itachi sentimental shit to cover up how badly she has been treated as a character.

But what really warmed my (dead) heart in the end is when Naruto hands him his old forehead protector. He actually kept that thing. 

Chapter rating:

Despite some horrible stuff, this was a great ending.

Chapter 700:

Fanfiction. That’s what this is. Chapter 700 is a doujinshi made canon.  So naturally, there’s a bunch of stuff I disliked in this chapter, much like everyone else.  I’ll get to those later, because I just can’t let such an opportunity as this get away.

Firstly, this is more of an introductory chapter to the sequel than an ending to the Naruto series. I can see the point of it from a writer’s perspective, but as a reader I’m pissed. I do not want to see the love children of these characters in a canon chapter.

I think this is because Naruto fans are not used to fanservice of romance or canon hardcore shipping. I am proud that Kishi never did that sort of thing in his manga. I personally don’t like heavily implied romance in shonen, which is one of the reasons why I like Naruto. On the other hand, I think Kishi deserves something like that just for one chapter, to get his fangirl juices flowing for his own pairings. I just wish it wasn’t the last one, which ruined the image of the entire series.

It just makes you go like, “is this what I’ve been reading the entire manga for?”

But enough of that. I will try and be fair in this review.

Naruto and Hinata’s kid (Bolt) is apparently exactly like him, and not just in appearances. He dislikes classes, is the joker among his circle and pranks around. And then we have Sakura and Sasuke’s kid with an atrocious name for a character, who is all serious and kind of stalker-ish. She looks nerdy and is probably strong from what I can guess. Her character might be a way of Kishi making it up to Sakura for being a dick to her in this series.

She doesn't even look like a salad.

Actually, I have high expectations for Salada (seriously, what the fuck kind of name is that?). What we haven’t seen in this entire series is a woman with a Sharingan, which I am hoping I would see in the sequel. That is, if Salada didn’t turn out to be a piece of shit which I highly doubt would be the case. I seriously am not kidding. I do have expectations for this chick. So let’s just hope her character isn’t as disappointing as her name.

Although, I do hear that her name means Goddess of Knowledge, or something of that sort. So I guess she's at least living up to that with her nerdy looks.

And as for the pairings NarutoXHinata and SasukeXSakura, I don’t give a shit. I really don’t. My OTP in this manga was and still is SasukeXNaruto, which I believe is already canon with last few chapters and Menma. I never let myself be sucked in the shipping wars anyway.

But the most random pairing in this chapter was Choji and Karui. I don’t think they’ve even been in the same room as each other before, and look at them now, popping out real sassy black kids. Shikamaru and Temari was a given, and I’ve read some fanfictions of Ino and Sai. And apparently so has Kishimoto.

Shikamaru's kid look exactly like him. It's like he reproduced asexually.

It seems that Lee has also created a miniature version of himself because the world needs so much of those running around. It’s entirely uncertain whom he had shagged, or rather who dared to shag him but it’s plausible it’s Tenten, who is very down about her weaponry business going slow because the world became less chaotic.

And then we have Kiba, who seems to be one of the few who didn’t turn out to be a complete disappointment. His sassy hair, goatee, and lack of children makes him cool in my book.

But let’s come to the main part of this chapter that is the interaction between Naruto and his little kid. Bolt is set off to vandalize the Hokage monuments, which is his way of trying to get attention from his father. I do like the parallel in here, since it’s the same thing Naruto did when he wanted attention from people in village when he was a kid.

But Naruto’s current personality is upsetting. He can’t be himself anymore now that he’s Hokage. He didn’t even laugh with his kid who did the same pranking he did when he was a kid. I’m honestly depressed about this. And you’d think Naruto would try and be there for his kid more considering he grew parentless, but he seems a bit hostile.

I know that he’s Hokage now which wouldn’t leave much room for family time since it’s a job made for lesbians like Tsunade, but does he have to be so absent to the point that his son is going around defacing monuments just to get his attention?

Also, since when is Academy students considered as ninjas?
I’m also curious if Bolt and his sister would have the Byakugan or not. They seem to have blue eyes, and not the creepy lavender kind the Hyuuga’s are blessed with. I’d be happier if he didn’t have Byakugan. As much as I love the power of it, the last thing I’d want is a main character born with default eye power. So much for preserving the Hyuuga lineage, though.

Characters aside, I think the actual thing I’ll be needing to come to terms with is the advancement of technology. Well, more like a leap. It started with Shino’s ghetto ass sci-fi goggles. But then Naruto was shown playing with a laptop, which is…

I know you must be thinking that it’s not a big deal. It shouldn’t be, right? But honestly, I love the little things in this manga like; using dove carriers as message transferring. And those electrolyte liquid things they used to video conference between the Daimyos, which were barely working. And all of a sudden, we now have laptops. Great.

Tell me you don't love this manga and I'll rip your heart out.

But anyway, my prediction for the sequel is that Orochimaru is going to become the main villain again, and molest these kids, which I’m looking forward to very much. They can’t just vanish him with no explanations. It’s unfair.

OR, Tenten is going to be the main villain since she will start some war so she can sell her weapons. I believe she has the capability to be a cheeky little cunt.

Man, that was great to get off of my chest.

Chapter rating:

I'm being nice.

Bonus: Shikamaru became the adviser, Sakura stopped binding her chest, and Sasuke now has found a better, Madara-like hair-style. I think we've all wanted these things at some point.

The Naruto series is always dear to me, which might be hard to believe for some of you. It really is. And for the part 3, you will hear about ClayDragon's opinion on the new ending. Soon.

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